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So quiet

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mojo, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. is anyone fishing, no one is ever posting here. just curious if people are getting out to any of the res's or ponds etc.
  2. ShoreBoundOne

    ShoreBoundOne lengthy Member

    Sorry Mojo...only been out on the lake and posted that on the erie forum


  3. still in the maumee but work is keeping me from fishing. in the maumee sat morn at sunrise and maybe sun eve
  4. I have been fishing daily at RestHaven and the Sandusky Bay area. So far either the cold temps or wind has made fishing tough at least for me on shore. No more than a few Crappies a day at RestHaven and I only find them deeper than normal.
    In Sandusky Bay my exploring for Crappies have brought only a few small ones to date. Last year by this time the good sized males were in the shallows making nests, but either I'm missing them or the weather is not allowing them to move shallow.
    In my time fishing this period of early spring is tough to call in when the "bite" will take place. If you remember last year it was a cold spring and I had to fish deeper to get my slabs for the freezer, so it's a wild call to say the least.
    What I can figure, a good three day warm spell and continuing weather is all that's need to spur them on.
    Now understand 99% of my fishing is jigs and casting instead of live bait, but I haven't seen to many using minnows doing much better.
    I plan on psting if and when the "bite" happens.
    Hope it helps,
  5. Pharley

    Pharley Hook 'Em

    Don't want to bring drama.....
    Seems like since the "split", both sites have gone down in posts considerably. Given a little time, things will pick up on our boards here. Would be nice to see the number of posts pick up though. Can remeber last year during this time, many many reports about the walleye and white bass runs every day- no one fished it this year?
  6. Hi guys!

    I have not been one to post much on these boards, but I fished the maumee some tonight (4/28). The walleye are definitely still in the river. There were even some rolling, so I don't think the spawning is quite over. This sure has been a strange year.

    Anyway...I caught a couple of jacks (23", 25") and several white bass. I also snagged a nice sized female 7+ lbs. in the cheek.

    I can't wait for May 1st when I can start throwing a little rapala and catch plenty of white bass, smallmouth, or a stray walleye (that actually hits with some authority). That is when the Maumee fun really begins....

    tight lines!

  7. I think the weather patterns this spring have been a definite factor in the lack of reports. I know it seems that when I am free to fish it always seems like the weather stinks that day. I do always report my trips though.
  8. I went out last night and caught 5 lg mouths on spinner and cranks baits. Not bad for couple hrs. Very windy and white caps on the water. Looks like rain for the wknd :mad:
  9. mojo...this is my first time to post, I've been quiet just looking for a lake or res that's doing good.....I did take my 12' fishunter out on Van Buren Lake...never been there be fore...saw lots and lots of bites...the lake was very shallow...some said it's a good little lake for catfish....still looking...tom t
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    Welcome to OGF. From all the staff we're really glad to have you join us.