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So I decided to go Crappie fishing...

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by symba, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. symba

    symba Kayak Conquistador

    Ive been wading around checking out some new spots lately, which led me to get skunked the past 3 times Ive been out. Friday on Big Walnut, Sunday on the Olentangy, yesterday on Alum. :S

    Not cool.

    I decided today was the day to cach a fish with the warmer weather and steady rain. Ive always had good luck in the rain. It drove me out of the house and into the Scioto on one of my favortie crappie spots. I was using minnows under a slip bobber in deeper holes. 5 minutes into it produced a moderate smallie. 15 minutes after that came a 13.5" white bass, possibly my PB. A half hour fight on 6# produced this whale of a Carp. 31" long and 21" girth. A definate PB.




    While it felt good to get some slime under the fingernails, my tastebuds and ultralight still require some crappies to keep my satisfied. Any river anglers have any advise on the mysterious December river crappie? Thanks.
  2. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Nice fishing man! I gotta get out there now.

  3. Welsh Dragon

    Welsh Dragon Old School Member

    How cold was it wading out there? I thought I was done and would be too cold, but looks like I should rethink that conclusion. I figure you stay out of the water when you can, but have to get wet to get to good spots.
  4. symba

    symba Kayak Conquistador

    It was a little chilly, but I bundle up pretty good. The rain was the killer part. Drenched my hood and vest. But waders are absolutely necessary to get to those great spots, especially when the bite is slight.

    Went back yesterday to test my luck again. ~9" Whitebass and a 15" 'eye when the sun went down. Also caught a hole in my waders. Now that was cold! Thank god for aquaseal.

    Might try again Sunday if the minnies are still kickin.
  5. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    Be extra careful this time of year. Mother nature is not friendly at all. It doesn't take very long at all for hypothermia to set in. If you dunk in these weather conditions you are in a world of trouble. Be smart and be safe out there guys.

    Oh yeah, congrats on some nice fish Symba. I have never caught a smallie in December.