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Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BobcatJB, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Not looking for anyone's honey hole but I saw some guys doing well through the ice a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if the crappie bite was still on? I'll be braving the wind/rain tomorrow afternoon trying to catch some slabs.
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    not sure about off the ice but we did do well on the ice.... i would have to say that it would be better at night with a lantern !

  3. Well, there are some slabs in that lake and you can catch them now. I was doing most of the ice fishing out there with the blue shanty. We did ok early in the mornings but, the evening bite was where it was at! I can only assume that the crappies from my home lakes in the Akron area are no different than the ones down here. They tend to hold similar patterns for a while after ice out. You can catch them in 4-8 fow in the weedy bays. Use a slip float for minnows and you could probably throw a weighted float hanging a tube jig. I would go straight for blue/white, red/white, or pink/white. Fish 3-7 feet deep.
  4. Fished Snowden today for about an hour and a half before the rains came. Caught 1 12" crappie and 2 8" bluegill on a pink jighead with white twistertail tipped with a pink crappie nugget, local bait shop didn't have minnows yet- I'm fairly sure we would have gotten into some fish with live bait today.