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  1. mbw1924

    mbw1924 mbw1924

    so, is this snow going to hurt my chances of fishing tommorow? i live in canton and am biting at the bit to get up there, but dont really want to wast mey time. if it is going to be fishable ill be there.

    rock or grand
  2. check the flow, if its rising. other than that you're good. i had days in the past when it snowed all week and i had great success. at most the water may be stained

  3. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    I'll be out fishing the rocky in the morning, snow will not disturb the river or the fish, the rocky was on fire yesterday and they are catching today as well heard from someone today. First time out chasing chrome for me this season can't wait.
  4. The grand is still moving pretty good but the feeder creeks should be good. Don't know about the chagrin.
  5. ...The only problem you may have is getting to the rivers..If the weatherman knows what he is talking about....To be a lot of snow in the Northeast Counties....I hate snow already and this is only Nov....C.L.