Snow Plowing

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JIG, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Did about 8hrs today and 8 yesterday in a Ram 2500 with a western plow. Yuck! I dont think I can remember having 10in on the ground one day then none the next. Just to get replaced the next day! WHAZ UP WITH THAT!!!!!
  2. DaleM

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    I had over 3 hours just clearing my driveways the first time. Just finished up another hour after the last few inches fell. 18+ inches here on the far west end of Hilliard. I measured 20" in 2 different places. Drifts were over 5 feet behind my house and garage. With as much as I plowed and piled up it will be May before it all melts.:D I'll post a few pictures later.

  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    I made about 100 bucks today doing driveways. I just have a decent sized 5.5hp and the drifts were way higher than it. Unfourtenetly the snow will be gone soon :(
  4. snake69

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    Just think of it as money to help pay for that pretty new boat ya got..:D
  5. rolland

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    I plow snow to, Lived in the truck last 2 days. Being a plow driver you cant complain the cash were making this winter usually we get 5-8 plows per contract a year this year I did 6 if feb and 3 this snow so far. Been a good year $ wise but ya my neck and back are killing me.
  6. Jig, where were ya! The guy I paid to do my drive got stuck!
  7. You are one of the few kids that go out and shovel snow these days. I'd gladly pay someone to do it,I did mine and the two older folks walks yesterday morning and will have to do it again today. You could make some serious cash if you were willing to work. My back is paying for it now but if I don't do it who will? If I were younger I'd be all over this chance to make some fishing money. Guess we shouldn't have turned the snowblower into an auger but that little thing wouldn't have done much in this heavy snow.
  8. I plow all the circles,intersections,city hall and fire station. Plus well roads and substations. My foot hurts from stop and go!:confused: :D When I was young we used to shovel the neighbors for free. You dont find that anymore. I shovel mine every snow just too keep the ice off. Tough part is the road side. Salt keeps it wet and heavy!
  9. Went into work at 7am on friday, and just got home at 11am on sunday, man was it bad, I'm tired and look what I'm doing, It is a sickness
  10. I spent all morning digging out my driveway so I could go Pick up my dad from work. It took us an hour and a half. And just ad soon as I was literally getting in the car to attempt to make it down, THE PLOW MAN COMES!! :mad: :D :p
  11. rolland im with ya on that one man...its sad that ive went through the same exact thing as you...neck and back pain livin in the truck for 2 days...hahaaaa. great money too bad i got the shells from chewin sunflower seeds all over my truck i just had to bad aim spittin em out of the cracked window haaaaaa. its crazy what some folks will pay to have their driveways plowed...i got $75 for one 50ft driveway. and my boss got $150 for about the same size one too haaaa.