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    I just hate saying this 4-letter word . . . . “SNOW!” After years of shoveling the white stuff I am going to buy myself a snow blower. After doing some looking it wasn’t long before I realized there are just too many kinds/types out there. My drive is 2 cars wide and about 50’ long. I also have a 30’ walk leading up to the front porch. Whenever the snow plow goes down my street I usually end up with a large pile of snow/ice at the end of the drive. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  2. Rednek

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    A 2-stage blower with tracks and if Het would lend you the change, I would buy a Honda.

  3. I just put ub a drive about the same as yours with a little more walk. I did a loat of research and came up with the Toro two cycle single stage. I read lots of reviews and found nothing bad to be said about this unit. I could not find a good work on the Sears or MTD. I bought mine from
    With free shipping (got mine in two days) and no tax it is about $50 less than Home Depot. Delivered to my garge door by Fed EX.
    Here is what I found.
    single stage will clean to the cement two stage will not
    two cycle has more RPM and less maintenance that the four cycle
    your (and my) drive are just in the middle in size on whether to sekect a single or a two stage

    Home Depot has several model of the Toro you can check out
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    A snowblower will sit for about 360 days a year and do nothing. However, on those other 5 days, they are a HUGE convenience. I picked up a little Toro unit like the one mentioned above a while back from a family member for free and it has been a lifesaver! Simple, strong and man it saves my back. I have a 3 car drive that's about 40' long and it used to kill me to shovel it. I got that blower and now it's a 20 minute job. However, 8" of snow is about as much as it wants; more than that and you have to eat away at the snow. If it's a heavy wet snow it strains as well. But, overall it's ideal for me. My next door neighbor has the mongo 2-stage self-propelled beast that cost him over $800. Yes, his will clear broken down cars from the streets but do you really need a monster like that?
    The Toro has replaceable blade edges, scraper bar, edge guides and they are cheap to buy. I've had this now for 3 years and put one new set of each on it and spent $60 on everything. It has electric start (you plug it into the wall and hit the button) and runs for an eternity on a tank of gas. I think the same type new runs under $400. It's one of the few power tools that costs that much that I think is worth every penny.

  5. I have a Honda 2 stage 4 cycle 8 hp rubber tired snowblower. My drive is about 120 ft x 14. I live in the snowbelt so my blower gets a good workout every year. The Honda is a pull start but my 81 year old mother could start it in 1 or 2 pulls. It pulls that easy. Mine is about 10 years old and I've only changed the spark plug and oil. Keep the chute silicon sprayed so the snow doesn't stick. The only problem I've had is trying to blow a bagged newspaper hidden under the snow. It typically jams the auger and is a pain to remove...I had an 5hp Ariens before that. I used to have problems breaking shear pins... My advice, if you plan on using it for 8+ years buy a Honda and you won't look back. It's almost a pleasure to clean the drive. BTW I gone thru 16 inches of lite snow with no trouble.
  6. hardwaterfan

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    i just bought a toro single stage, i think it is the 224 qr. i like that quick shoot lever. no more shoveling for me. ufm82 you hit the nail on the head. theres about 5 times a season when it will REALLY come in handy.
  7. I think that Redneck is right on the money!!! A single stage will clean your drive but I think you will have problems at the end when that snow plow comes threw. That 1' of snow now becomes 3' and about 3-4' wide, that is going to take a two stage to get er dunn !! You know what the end of your drive looks like and I am sure you have shoveled it, now will a little 1 stage blower clean it. I personally use a 4wd 23hp diesel Honda with a 7' truck snow plow on the three point hitch and a bucket on the front. Brink it on I can handle any kind of snow you want to hand me!!!
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    No matter what brand you get make sure it’s a 2 stage. If you get a blower with wheels invest in chains. The diiferance they make is huge. To keep the snow from sticking inside the blower you can buy a non stick snow spray available at stores for 10- 12 bucks but a cheaper alternative is to spray some Pam or Crisco non-stick cooking spray onto the sides of the shoot and on the auger before using it. Works just as good
  9. you guys will laugh your head off at this, but check it out! I'm impressed with mine and it always starts! This thing will move some serious snow!
  10. FOSR

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    I have a hand-me-down Jacobsen, must be from the mid-1980s. Still all original parts, pretty smoky starting after it's sat for a few months. No air cleaner at all, just an open carb throat.

    I always wondered what else you could use that belt drive for the rest of the year ... water pump? Portable sawmill?

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    I'd recommend this model for folks in the snowbelt...
  12. When I go there it looks like a polar bear in a snow storm...WTF?
  13. corndawg

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    Holy crap Seaturd ! That beast looks like a snow blower on steroids :eek: . Is that a Chevy small block on there?
  14. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    just a review of the TORO 221 QR single stage snowblower i bought in the fall.....its UNSTOPPABLE...i HIGHLY recomend this machine. it has surpassed my highest expectations.

    it goes through anything. nothing can stop it. i cant stall it, even goes through the really heavy stuff at the end of the drive. (now, not like right through it, you have to take it a bit at a time, but it will do it pretty easily) it goes through snow deeper than the blower, i pushed it through snow and had snow coming over the top of it and it just chugs along. throws a fairly long way too. you can fold the handle down to make it store pretty darn compactly.

    something to think about for the future, if not for this year. im really glad i bought it.

    the "Q" in the model # means "quick chute" which is nice, the chute can be controled by this slide thing on the handle. "R" is recoil start. and "E" is electric start, which i didnt get, too easy for me to pull start. pretty easy starting too.

    another thing, it kinda pulls itself, its really easy to use.

    same model as leeabu posted.
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  15. I live in Fairlawn, not exacting the snowbelt region of Lake Erie shores. I bought a 2 cycle, single stage Toro 2450 with 6.5hp from an eBay store 5 years ago. It blasts through a foot of snow and scrapes concrete drives clean with ease. Still one pull start! No problems. I do my 40' double drive and put in on hitch mounted carrier and do 3 or 4 more driveways in Akron for the old ladies in my family.

    If you have gravel, get a two stage! The single stage scrapes and digs into gravel and tosses it everywhere for mess. The 2 stage have adjustable wheels up front to go over the gravel and drive wheels instead of the flapper wheel of the single stage.

    I just saw the Toro 2450 at either ho depot or lowes for $499
  16. This is the first year with mine. I also have only good things to say. I am glad I chose this year to buy one and I'm glad this is the model I chose. One pull starts and the quick chute control is great.
  17. KaGee

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    My neighbor works for the regional TORO distributor... TORO says that a single stage blower is sufficient for Ohio, except for maybe some in Northeast Ohio that get the extreme lake effect snows.

    I bought a used White Outdoors machine (MTD). Stuck a new belt on it and it runs (and looks) like new. Glad i did... we've had over 40" of snow so far this season.
  18. Tokugawa

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    I've got a Troy-Bilt, 24" two stage. Love it! It has 6 speeds and electric start. The electric start is really nice, and it just eats snow. It went through the big piles of snow crossing the sidewalks that were caused by the neighbors plowing their driveways. I even did my neighbors' sidewalk. Some guy around the corner has a huge Husqvarna and does all of the sidewalks on our block. That way we can all walk our dogs. I am so glad my wife let me get the snowblower.
  19. Mac


    Since I started this thread and I see it still is going on here is an update on what I did as well as how it worked out for me.
    I bought a Toro CCR Powerlite with an electric starter.
    I have used it approx 8 times and have had no problem clearing from 3-8 inches of snow.
    My end of the drive problem wasn't as big of a problem as I thought it would be. Just have to take a little off at a time.
    I only used the electric starter the first time. Started easily. I used the pull starter after that and it started everytime on the first pull.
    Sure beats shoveling.
  20. I have a Toro S-200 that I picked up at a garage sale for $10 last year and the owner said I would never get it running. $10 for a carb rebuild kit and $16 for a new scrapper bar later it takes me 20 minutes to clear what use to take 45 minutes. My back loves it!!!!