Snot Rockets

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  1. Hi Guys

    Had time to finish up some Snot Rockets. Just over 10", 4 of them have hand burned scales, all have carved gills, mouth, etc. Hope you like them.


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  2. Etch ,
    What's not to love? Handcarved scales ,gill's and mouth detail's on an overgrown Hammerhandle. Not to mention all done in that "Etch" , style with over the top paintwork!!! I appreciate all the work you do , but these and your Monster Bully's are my fav's!

    Crank 'em out ,


  3. All aces, Rob. Those scales must have really taken a lot of time and patience. I like the 5th one down in the last batch you posted too.
  4. Never seen a "Snot Rocket", but these look pretty good to me-great natural colors and you must have the patience of a rabbit trap to do all that beaut carving. Wonderfull work . pete
  5. Are these for sale???

    Great job!
  6. Wow Rob those look great! Man those must take some time for sure!
  7. fugarwi7

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    When I looked at those I started to reach for my fillet real looking they made me hungry :D ...I can't imagine how long it takes to hand carve the scales...probably makes carving the gill details seem like a walk in the park...excellent work!!!!

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

  9. eyesman_01

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    The only thing I can say is: WOW!