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Snapping Turtle Recipes

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by WalleyeGuy, May 8, 2005.

  1. You have a recipie other than dust with flour and cornmeal then in a put in a hot pan?
    Need some ideas for it.
  2. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    I have an old cook encyclopedia (not cook book) at home... I'm at work now ..... I'll look tomorrow and post the scanned results.

  3. Hey Owen they make a great soup too just cook like you do for chicken... and use a vegitable stock to start it off...
    I like to BBQ mine too but remember that there are 7 diff types of meat on a snapper so BBQ each one seperate from the others to ensure uniform cooking... No need to boil before BBQ but a good marinade does not hurt and is not really needed...
  4. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    Had to downsize these files........ So if you can't read them PM me your e-mail addy and i'll send the full size file!


  5. deep fry them i think is the best meat falls right off something u may try cleaning them cut there heads off then u can use a water hose to blow them up like a ballon make it easyer to get the skin off
  6. Place them in your gallery at full size man... that'll work
  7. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    ...have to see if this will work. ;)

  8. from 1945.... that is an old one
  9. That must be a recipe for those dinosaur turtles.:p:D

    I have never prepared turtle soup but I do know that it is delicious. The way we always prepare it is browning and then baking. My mother usually does the honors on that as my wife does not care for it at all. So I have to go home for some good home cooking.:D
  10. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    Thanks mrfishohio!!! Been trying to upload the full size file for a few days ; since I first posted the reply;to no avail
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I cook turtle 2 ways.

    After it is cleaned and soaked in salt water for a few days,I will either simmer cook it in an Italian red sauce till it falls off the bones,serve with pasta..Or..Hard boil it like you would pork ribs, Just befor it starts to fall off the bones remove from stove run cold water on it,,Fire up the BBQ,I have found Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce tastes best on turtle...
  12. ...either way you have taken all the great flavor out of the turtle meat...
    You wouldn't soak a steak for a couple days then boil it would you?
    That said you love it that way and it is getting used and eaten... Some people
    don't do that much with them...
    I do know a guy who soaks all his deer meat too... so to each his own :)
  13. I usually use the crock pot method...........easiest and hard to mess up. Use BBQ sauce, chicken broth, beef broth, mushroom soup, or any other soup for the base. I find 10 to 14 pounders the best for eating, bigger than that seem to be 'stringy'.
  14. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    My mom found this recipe and sent it to me. I tried it last week and thought it was excellent, although I omitted the parsley and sherry. Much of the meat was from the neck which I put in the pot whole and pulled the meat off the bone as soon as it was tender enough.

    Snapping Turtle Stew

    2 lbs snapping turtle meat, trimmed and cut into 1 inch cubes
    4 cups seeded chopped tomatoes
    4l/4 C. water, divided
    1 C. chopped onions
    l/2 t. salt
    1/2 t. dried rosemary leaves
    l/4 t. dried thyme leaves
    l/4 t. pepper
    l/4 t. ground nutmeg
    1/8 t. ground cloves
    1 T. lemon juice
    2 T. all-purpose flour
    1/4 C. snipped fresh parsley
    1/4 C. dry sherry
    Recipe 4 servings

    In 6-quart Dutch oven or stockpot, combine turtle meat, tomatoes, 4 cups water, the onions, salt, thyme, rosemary, pepper, nutmeg, cloves and lemon
    juice. Bring to a boil over med.-high heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to low. Simmer, uncovered for 2 1/4 hrs to 2 1/2 hrs, or until meat is tender, stirring occasionally. In small bowl, combine flour and remaining 1/4 C. water. Blend until smooth. Add to stew, stirring occasionally, until mixture thickens and bubbles. Just before serving, stir in parsley and sherry.
  15. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    I work with a guy who insists on boiling squirrel for at least 2 hours before frying. I can see parboiling a little, but 2 hours?
  16. Well we did good a coup0le weeks ago on the snappers and one cat...
    4 snappers with one at 25-30 lbs the rest avg about 15 lbs...
    One was full of eggs 43 total...
    Weird colored cat here too
    Also I like to carp fish too and caught my smallest ever LOL
  17. Good job on the turtles Clyde! I have not done it in many years and the pics bring back memories. So do you get them on set lines? That was always my dad never persuaded me to do it the crazy way of feeling for them.:eek: I was happy just floating the bag on those trips.:D
  18. Does your Dad have all his fingers? :eek: and his mind is intact too ;)
    That is nuts man I would never poke mu hand around anywhere one of these things may be...
  19. He had all of his fingers and his mind was intact as well although I usually referred to him as crazy for doing it. He had a buddy who taught him the ropes. Luckily he taught him well enough. I only ever helped him on a couple of occasions pull one out and that was because he could not pull them out the direction he went in. There were times he would disappear under a brushpile or an undercut bank for a few minutes if there was an air pocket in there.:eek: