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  1. Garyoutlaw77

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    Now that half the forum has piddled thair pants:p I guess I'll just out and ask if anyone has property that is loded with them?
    I am putting together a new pic book and most of my old stomping grounds are strip malls so snakes can be a tough little dude to find in Columbus you don't need to kill touch or catch em just direct me in a general direction. I have most of my Water Snakes covered so far - Thanks gary

  2. BigChessie

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    Got some down on my farm including the little pesky ones with a triangle shaped head!
  3. The same snake Reel was talking about. Sandusky Bay under the rt 2 bridge in the rip rap.

    A Cal King about 12 feet from my computer.

    Don't have any of the little pesky ones with the triangle shaped heads. :)
  4. Found this one in my jeep liberty rear door up at the marathon station on rt 2
    down from turtle creek.I guy told me he seen a snake crawl up my hitch and went behind my spare tire while I was pumping gas.It crawled in between the door seal.I thought AH a little snake before I pulled it out and wet my pants.
    I believe its a Eastern Fox snake.It slid into the cattails next to the road.
    so anywhwere near the lake is a good place I would think.
  5. snake69

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    Looks like my cousin Billy Jo Bob, could be his lil brother Dwayne tho, they look alot like each other....................................:D
  6. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Wally that's really cool! Never saw that snake before in Ohio.... infact I didn't even realize there was a population of them. Thanks for sharing, learn something every day :)

    Hats off to all the snake lovers here, can't stand it when people kill'em.
  7. castmaster00

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    i saw a black whiptail or racer, idk , up in the ashtabula area. i was hiking in the woods when i almost stepped on it.:D didnt though. i hate it when people kill snakes. they are being chased out of their habitat and we're killing them just because they look "icky". people just dont understand that snakes are part of the reason we arnt overrun with rats right now. and theyre just awsome creatures over all and it escapes me to why someone would kill a snake on purpose and not do anything about it. :(