Snake questions (Sighted at AEP)

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  1. I have a question for all the snake experts here. I saw a snake this week at AEP That I was not familiar with. It looked to be a yearling as it was only about 5 inchs long and smaller around then a pencil. It was light colored in the body with a dark triangle or diamond shapes on its back. I got a good look at it after it scared my wife:p . It was summing its self on the road at campground K and was probably 50 feet from the waters edge. Near the water pump For those who know the area. Now my question I looked through the DNR website and the closest I can find to it was a massasauga. But I can't find a good range map to help me figure it out. Also if it was one of this years hatch, would it have developed a rattle and a triangulated head yet, because neither was apparent.
  2. A little further I looked at all the snakes listed on the DNR website and the closest match I can find is the Eastern Fox Snake But its range is confined to a few northern counties, So I am confused.

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    I'm guessing it was a Copperhead. They are in that area.
  4. Copperhead.......
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    Sounds like an immature black rat snake.The diamond pattern is a tell tale sign with young black rat snakes.Copper head young are very reddish in color and are easily identified.Rattlers ,even young, are not likely mistakened either. THE CATKING !!!
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    I'm going with catking on this one, and even going throw in the idea that it may of been a water snake. Juvinile snakes, at least for the most part, are somewhat difficult to identify. Ohio really doesn't have that broad of a range of species so the first thing to ask yourself when looking at one you can't identify one is the area you found it. For the snake ya identified: Near the water? More than likely a water snake. In a feild probably a black rat.

    It kills me how quick people on the board are to assume it's a venomous snake all the time. Sure they exsist in the state, but I've never one here. Without a photo, it's a little more difficult to properly identify them.
  7. i saw a copperhead while shore fishing the muskingum at mconnellsville it was about 3 or 4 feet in length and had a small fish in its mouth one look and i turned an went the other way then one other time we were pulling up my moms drive and there in the drive way was about a 5 foot rat snake sunning himself, i picked him up and moved him off the driveway so he wouldnt gett killed boy my dad was having a fit he freaked out dont touch it dont touch it he yells it was classic since "nothing excites him".;)
  8. I've been breeding, and studying herps ( snakes, and lizards ) for YEARS. The snake your describing sounds like a baby Black Racer. Black Racers are jet black in their adulthood but as juveniles have a rustic sandy brown color with darker brown " diamond patterns " on their back, and are VERY slim ( pencil like ). Do a google search for " baby black racer "
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    my cousin lives in Bladensberg, a little town outside of Mount Vernon and we were fishing in a runoff of the Wakatamika and saw a Copperhead also, as soon as we saw that we bolted out of the water, went down there the next day and saw 2 HUGE Black Rat Snakes. I MEAN HUGE
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    It's no doubt the famous KingCopperRattleCobra of OGF fame. Grab it, put it on a Gama 8/0 Oct Circle hook and go catfishing. :B
  11. Im going with black racer. After looking at the pics of the juveniles I didn't know they looked so different. Here is the pic I used And here I thought it was something cool, oh well I guess now I can convince my wife to go back down there with me.

    Thanks everyone
  12. i dont know much about snakes, but arent eastern milk snakes often mistaken for copperheads? i see them all the time.