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snake head

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by peple of the perch, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. can anyone give me a pic of a baby snakehead i think i found one but i am not shure. it is still alive and i will try to post pics
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  3. bird


    I had those killers in my aquarium at one time there great to watch feed! They were a special order :B
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    I loved them, I had them for years. Really fun to watch. Man, theyd stuff 5 or 6 big goldfish in their mouths at one time.
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    Make sure that is not a small Bowfin, they can look kind of like a snakehead but they are 100% native and very old. I caught one up in Lake Erie once cool fish, I did a search for baby bowfin but did not have much luck.

    Burbot also can look somewhat similar all though no way near as much as a bowfin. Maybe when they are young they do, but again I had no luck finding any pics of a baby one. I have not heard of any Burbot being caught outside of the lake Erie area though.

    Keep it in an aquarium and feed it, you should be able to tell soon enough what kind of fish it is. I have heard both the Bowfin and the snakehead are aggresive eaters and fun aquarium fish.
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    Lookin' forward to seeing the picture.
  7. There are allot of bowfin in the area. When they are small the fin covers more of their body.

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  8. Get a picture on here if you can, my guess is bowfin though. If its young, like the picture below sorta still shows it will have a dorsal spot. Bowfin also have tubular nostrils, a much more blunt snout, and a totally different anal fin than snakehead. If you look at the picture in the link the anal fin runs the length of about half the body, I believe fused with the pelvic fins, while Bowfin has seperate pelvic and anal fins that are not as lengthy, probably aobut a dozen or so fin rays.
  9. i cant find my plug for the camera to plug into the com.
  10. Allot of bowfins have a dorsal fin going the distance on their bottom side too.
    I spotted my first Burbot on the Tuscarawas River this spring.
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    I've caught a number of bowfin while bass fishing in southern lakes. Most southerners call them grinnel and dislike hooking up with one. I don't mind catching one because they fight like a tank. They inhabit backwaters and many of the same environments as bass and will attack the same baits used in bass fishing. Largest one I've caught weighed a little over 9 lbs but they can get much larger. They have a nasty set of teeth that must be paid attention to. I've always heard that they are a prehistoric species that have been around forever.
  12. Dorsal fin with 46-50 soft rays, anal fin rays 9-10, pectoral fin rays 16-18. The dorsal fin runs all the way to the caudal (tail) fin. The anal fin does not. The rays stop originating well before the caudal peduncle and even at their furthest extent do not touch the caudal fin.

    People - if you still have it and can get a picture besides posting it here, I would send it to your region office for DNR, but I would do a fin count if you can before that, if you cannot distinguish with pictures only but it should be possible.
  13. on the top of the spines on its back their r little ball like things
  14. Ball like things? Bowfin only have soft rays on their dorsal fins. If they are between the fin rays themselves they are probably tubercules although I've never heard of a Bowfin having them. A picture is really necessary if its not already what is in the picture that has been posted, which is a great picture of a young adult Bowfin.

    Also, going the Burbut route, it will have the protrouding nostrils along with a SINGLE barbel ont he bottom jaw. The anal fin runs the length of the belly almost as long as the dorsal fin but not quite as long. The cadaul fin is squared off to slightly rounded unlike the bowfins which is very rounded. They have much more mottled almost camo like coloring as opposed to an adult bowfin.

    This thread could go on and on though without a picture or some fin counts and measure ments and details.