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  1. I have never and would never snag even it were legal, however I am curious about the legality of it. I have generally thought snagging was ALWAYS illegal in ohio, but I have seen some signs that make me wander if that is actually true. There are a couple of spillways in central ohio i know where there are signs posted that state that it is illegal to snag within 1000 of the dam. Why would these signs be posted if not to imply that if you are at least 1000 feet away that snagging is legal?

    One more question about snagging - why would you do it even if it were legal? I would think it is easier to hook and keppa fish hooked through the mouth than trying to randmoly catch the fish somewhere on the body
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    it is legal to snag some fish, including shad, except within 1000 feet of a dam. that is what the sign is referring to.

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    The following is from the Div of Wildlife's fishing regulations.

    SNAGGING with a hook to pierce and hook a fish in a part of the body other than the inside of the mouth is illegal for all fish except forage fish. In Lake Erie, it is also illegal to snag freshwater drum. Snagging is illegal from September 1 to April 30 in the Ashtabula River, Chagrin River, Grand River, Rocky River, Vermilion River, Arcola Creek, Conneaut Creek, Cowles Creek, Euclid Creek, Indian Creek, Turkey Creek, and Wheeler Creek. Hooks may not be larger than five-eighths inch from shank to point.

    FORAGE FISH means freshwater drum (in the Lake Erie fishing district only), carp, quillback, suckers, bowfin, gar, buffalo, gizzard shad, and goldfish. These species may be taken by any method except by means of explosives, poisons, firearms, electricity, chemicals, nets, seines, or traps, or by snagging within 1,000 feet downstream of a dam. Gizzard shad and smelt may be taken with a minnow seine, minnow dip net, or hand landing net.

    Here's a link to the rest of the regulations:
  4. Thank you for clarifying the rules. Still I don't see why even if it was legal how snagging would be a more effective way to catch a fish
  5. For shad the only way to catch is snagging. They will not bite on anything. They make great catfish bait. If you want to see snagging for a sport fish go to the Maumee river in about a month, very productive for some.
  6. Alrighty then. Line up a group of anglers below a spillway and give half of them a weighted treble hook and tell them to use their best snagging technique. The other half must use bait/lures and abide by all state regs. See who wins. ;)
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    I myself would say it is more productive way to catch fish,that is snagging.But there is no sport in it you also don,t need to drive to Maumee river to witness this any spellway in central Ohio will due.I guess some guys have alot of mouths to feed and landing some fish will help, buy some top romen noodles 12 for $2.00 cheaper treble hooks or stingers.