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  1. new to smoking how long well the fish last after smoking and how do you stor it can you freez it
  2. If you do a good job smoking it will last two to three days depending on how much beer you have onhand. At least htat's all the longer it is till all mine is ate.

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    ive vacuum sealed it and then froze it. didn't taste the same to me. smoke it and eat it within a few days is my advise.
  4. You can freeze it but afterwards its usually only good to put into something else like chip dip or use it to flavor soup or put into a casserole. When it thaws out its too soft and wet to do anything else with it.
  5. Ive smoked steelhead several times and yes it is awesome fresh... and will be good for at least a week... but I have vacuum sealed and froze it and it tastes almost as good when I have pulled it out later.... I have never had anyone give a bad comment about it.. except hetfieldinn who spit it over the side of the boat and said I dont like smoked fish:D ....I have never had a problem with it being soft after thawing... But I tend to smoke mine a little longer than most people....
  6. Probably vacuum sealing it keeps moisture from forming on it as it freezes. I think its the moisture from inside the meat coming out and condensing between the meat and the freezer bag/container that wets it down as it thaws and gets soft. Ive never vacuum sealed it but that sounds like a good idea.