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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Chucky, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I been wanting to make a smoker. I seen a few home made one made out of a old fridge. It looked pretty good.
    I was thinking of cinder block? 12in or 6in block. Make a hut the size of a outhouse and put doors on the front. A fire box off the side piped into the side of the block into the hut/smoker. Will cinder block be ok to use?

    Can anyone that has smokers post some pics of them? Home made or store bought. Pics of them in use would be great!!
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  3. check out i'm sure those guys will be able to help you out. lots of good people on there, its a lot like this site.
  4. Justin and twistertail thanks for the links! I like that Dowell smoker also but that Wilbur one made from brick is awesome! I'm not sure if I'm ready to concore that big of a pit YET. lol I am ready and able to make that Dowell smoker. I register to smokingmeatfourms and its a great site like you said twister. It seems if you got any questions they will help.
  5. Cinder blocks or bricks would work great depending on how you make it . I made one last year out of 2 cardboard boxes and a hot plate . One like that wont last long though . My dad made one out of a refridgerator when I was a kid but he had to pre burn it to get the paint, insulation, and plastic burnt off and it still made the smoked fish taste funny for a while . The best thing to use to make one would be steel 55 gallon barrels . One made from cinder blocks with a seperate firebox to keep the heat out but let the smoke in should work good though . I was thinking of making one last year and posted a question about it........then my wife bought me a smoker for my birthday.
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    I checked out the site you posted boatnut. Can''t read any posts until registered and they throw new users into a moderation queue so I'm still waiting to see what they go going on.
  7. did u register? not sure about the "moderation queue". I could start looking at posts right after i registered but thats been few years ago.
    if you have probs, shoot me a pm.
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    I did. They're probably putting new users in a moderation queue these days to cut down on spammers.