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  1. since there are quite a few of us who like to smoke I wanted to get a roll call and see who my fellow meat smokers are. I know sporty and twistertail but who else. Also post up your smoker and any tips or tricks you have.

    Me I have an older heavy gauge brinkman smokin pit, My number 1 tip especially for beginners like me, is let the smoker work its magic. It is hard to keep the lid shut but if you have the temp right let it go, You only make it harder by checking it to often
  2. sporty

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    Checking in here.............

    Charbroil Silver side firebox
    Electric Brinkman upright
    Charcoal Brinkman upright

    Dreams of a Lang 84 Deluxe

    TIP: Keep the smoke thin and blue!!

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    i have 2,a brinkman smoker pit and an old dome style smoker.they're the easiest way to cook i think.i really like the fact that after i get it fired up and loaded i only have to stoke it up every 45 minutes or so.
    advice?,try different types of wood on different meats.the difference in taste is amazing.
    i cut my own wood chips then soak them for at least 24 hours.that way they don't burn up very fast and they really put out the smoke.
  4. Char Griller Super Pro w/side fire box.. has handled every thing from shoulders to brisket, summer sausage, jerky and smoked salmon. Used as a grill it is hard to beat. I use lump charcoal in the SFB and use the main chamber to bake pizza....killer!

    I'd reccomend getting and adding accurate thermometers to the smoker, never trust the one on the lid....less smoke is more....pork fat rules but a perfectly done brisket is an art form!
  5. I do a bit of smoking from time to time... I do a little of everything from chickens to ribs to whole hogs and my fav brisket, with this many people fireing up there smokers sounds like we need to have a fishing/cooking outing
  6. Charbroil H2O smoker, with a retrofit propane burner.

    I love pork shoulders and brisket. I am now ready to start trying other foods. Tonight is drunken chicken over pecan. I can't wait!!!! I've only ever grilled the drunken chicken.
  7. Brinkman upright, but looking to update to something easier to add fuel. Don't want anything too big since I store it during the winter. Most of my smoking is done with hot and sweet peppers for authentic smoked salsa. Have been smoking jalapenos for salsa since the late 1980's - before chipotle was a recognized term. A smoked brisket & jalapeno chili with black beans is hard to beat.
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  9. ok....take 12 pounds of pork shoulder and add favorite rub....smoke at 225 for 8 to 16 hours until 195*...shred, add some sauce if you must. Put a good bit on a bun, some tangy carolina sauce and top with some good slaw. Put top of bun on and enjoy with a cold brew. Repeat last 2 steps as many times as needed to sastisfy hunger!
  10. I have a Chargriller with side firebox and a Brinkmann SnP. Also had a bullet style charcoal but I got rid of that one. I love to smoke brisket, but normally do pork butts, yard birds, ribs, brisket, and a heart or tongue for my dad when I fill em up.

    My dream is to get a Gator Pit Predator some day, or build something comparable...but that's a long way off. I can't see myself doing that until I can do some side jobs to help pay for it.

    My advice would be to use the internet. There is a ton of information out there about smoking meat. Read it all and believe about half of it, then use your own trial and error to find something that works for you. Forums are great tools as well. I know that after modifying my two smokers per recommendations of others, and a little imagination, my cheap smokers work 10x better than before, and it is a lot more relaxing having smokers that burn how they are meant to.
  11. Great thread I am going to shop for a new smoker this week end. Any advise on where to start? I will be getting a side fire box unit with cast grills, then the fun begins.
  12. I started just last fall and I am using the Masterbuilt elec. and
    have enjoyed all the cooking
    that is involved with it. I just
    cannot figure out what wood
    that would satisfy others taste
    for the smoked meats. I have just
    about stayed with apple, alder,
    and maple. Creating side dishes
    has been fun to go along with it


    I will be watching this alot more
    and I have a few recipes that I
    could be coercied into sharing.
  13. Hook N Book

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    "Pit Master Extrordinair" in the house...! ;) :D

    Smokey Mountain 3 rack charcoal fired. (primary)
    Brinkman 2 rack charcoal (backup)
    Mr. Meat 2 rack charcoal (backup)
    And numerous Brinkmans that have been put to rest. ;)
  14. Heavy is good. Alot of the new ones especially from wally world are made of very thin metal to keep the costs down. Find something with some weight to it, as it will decrease the time it takes to come back up to temp after you open it and it will be more efficient because of better insulation. Throw in a couple of digital read probe thermometers that can tell you whats going on inside without having to lift the lid. There are a few modifications that should be done on most of the entry level side box models that only take a few minutes and make them work much better as well. if you haven''t yet checkout lots of good guys with good recipes and advice, there are at least a few OGFers that post there as well.
  15. Yes I have been on that sight and have it saved, thanks. I do alot of cooking and have digital thermometors I am going start looking at Target, Home Depot and Lowes.
  16. H'n'B please enlighten us newbies
    to your presence. Please lead us to the right directions on the ATB's and the ultimate Fatties and to the finer things that go along with a great smoke. If the
    weather gods allow us to present a fine meal, I as among others
    will do thier best. Damn the Millers has hit me and and the smoker has been started for a brisket looks ???? Here is a drink
    to another fine summer of outdoor cooking and dinning.

  17. I picked up a few of the wireless probes over the winter and really like how they work in a smoker. One has two probes - one for the meat and the other that just lays in the smoker to get an accurate read of the temp inside the box. Nice thing about the wireless is that you can carry around the display unit like a cell phone, This is a low-cost solution for those without the expensive smokers with good thermometers built in.
  18. LakeRaider

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    Huge fan of the smoking gig! Cool thing about having a fab shop is I designed and built my own. After owning numerous brand name smokers, I just never found what I wanted. I tow it with me to family outings and its always a big hit. I,m going to fab a new trailer for it this year. Mine even has a rotissery Raider

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  19. Welll...let's see...I just sold one of my "great outdoors smoky mountain" at garage sale yesterday. That leaves me with:

    1- GOSM (propane fired)
    1- Smokin tex portable (never used, make me an offer!)

    1- Weber WSM charcoal
    1- UDS (ultimate drum smoker) made from 55 gal drum
    2 - weber kettles
    2- weber gassers
  20. GOSM here also. Got it last summer and love it. Have done just about everything except a whole brisket. Got into making my own sausages also and made about 35lbs of brats and Italian sausages that are AWSOME done in the smoker. If you have not tried brats in the smoker yet you need to give it a shot.