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smoken steelies

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by GRADY228, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. At What Temperature Do You Keep Your Smoker And How Do You Tell When The Fish Is Done.
  2. I keep mine at 200... It will flake just like after its cooked any other way... Just don't let your fish get over done because it will become too dry...

  3. Thanks Clyde, After Checking The Web Last Night I Found That 200 Deg Is About Right And A Inside Temp Of About 160 For 30 Min Is A Good Done Time. I Am On My Second Batch Right Now And Two More To Go. They Have Been Taking Around Two Hours To Cook For Me. My Last Two Batches Are Not Quite As Thick Of Peaces So I Will Have To Check Them A Little Sooner.
  4. Clyde Are You A Cat Fisher? I'll Bet They Are Good Smoked !!!!! Where Is A Good Place To Go Catten From Shore. My Boss At Work Started Taken His Kids Fishing And He Likes To Catch Catfish. He Lives Close To Mansfield. I Hope To Get Him Up On The Big Pond For Some Perch This Fall.
  5. I use a Little Chief and cannot build to 200 degrees. Figure I hit around 160 max but it seems to do the job. Steelhead fillets take around 2.5/3 hours on the tail section and 4 hours on the main back section.
    Have either of you steaked the steelhead instead of fillets? Have you ever tried smoking the whole fish, gutted only?
    I tried fillets both skin on and skin off. Can't say I prefer one over the other but skin on is a bit more moist.
    If you are interested, K Mart has Teriaki Sauce in gallon size. I prefer it to Soy Sauce as it is less salty and seems to have a milder flavor.
  6. Just Finished Cleaning Up And Putting Everything Away. I Guess I Get To Select All The Prime Peaces Sence I Did The Smoken. I'll Have To Give Some To My Fishing Partners. I Smoke Mine With The Skin On , I Think That Wofks Best For Me. That Is Good To Know About The Teriaka At K Mart. I Have Been Picking At That Fish All Day , I Guess That Is Why I'm Not Too Hungry Now For Dinner.
  7. 2 hrs is about right for me too...
    Catfish are awesome smoked too and I like using cherrywood for mine...
    Yea I like catfishing alot...
    I only steak my steelies...