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  1. When I started my ob today it smoked more than usual. (It's a white colored smoke-normal exhaust) The motor continued to smoke for as long as I let it sit there idling. I increased the fuel intake to let it warm up (w/o engaging the engine), and I noticed every few minutes or so, the motor would *cough*, miss a beat, etc. A larger cloud of smoke would "puff" out when it would miss. It also smelled kinda rich.

    As for performance, there were no problems, it ran like a champ. It did not appear to smoke more than usual when flying down the river. I also noticed that after it warmed up it seemed to stop smoking at an idle. But, if I turned it off and let it sit for a while it would smoke when turned on.

    I'm going to take it to a mechanic to have it checked over. But, I always like to know before going the general source of the problem.

    Any ideas? By the way, it's a 90 hp Mercury 2-stroke (it smoked more than a normal 2 stroke)
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    sounds like it was cold to me. mine is a 150 merc and it does the samething until it gets warmed up when it real cold outside. mine does the same thing in the spring and the smoke goes away as the temps outside go up. i started mine about 2 weeks ago and filled up the yard with smoke(it was cold outside). it had been sitting idle since hawgfest. so im guessing yours is just cold. maybe you need to decarbon the motor.

    one other thing, how do you mix your oil? is it metered by a valve going into the fuel line or do you mix it in the tank? if you mix it maybe you put too much oil in by mistake.

    pull the plugs and look for any build up. clean it off if there is any.

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    Gas could have some water in it. Add some Seafoam or Stabil, that may help. And, like EZ said, clean or replace the spark plugs.
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    Just sounds cold to me
  5. Orlando

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    Just curious but what would a weak water pump have to do with a motor smoking while cold?
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    Well you should have had other symptoms, overheat alarm going off, no water coming out of pee hole. If it was smoking that bad she was really hot
  7. she's pee'ing fine and the overheat alarm didn't sound. As for the oil, the motor mixes it on its own. I just pour the oil into the outboard, and it mixes it w/ the fuel. (Could this need to be adjusted?) I suspected a spark plug foul-up when it would miss. If it's as simple as the spark plugs I'm in luck cause I can do that much. I just hope I don't need to take it to a mechanic. If so, my wife's gonna push me to get it winterized also. Which means no more boating til spring.
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    Well you have got a few opinons now you are going to have to decide for yourself wetehr to ignore it or take it to a mechanic. Like I said before ,I really thinks its jsut becasue of cold weather. My Merc does the same thing. When the temps drop a bit she smokes like a fogger until it warms up.
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    I'm with Orlando. I have an '07 Merc Optimax. In the summertime, you hardly even see any smoke. On colder days, like this morning, it pretty much smokes like a banshee until it gets warmed up.