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Smoked turkey for thanksgiving?

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by Workingman, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Mashed taters. I use 50/50 russet/red skin or golden potatoes. 2 type of taters really gives a great flavor profile.
    The drippings from the birds makes great gravy
    Wife makes and stuffs one bird with her family stuffing
    I make my dressing
    Home grown butternut squash
    Wife makes the squash pies from scratch and the crusts using lard and makes a cranberry sauce
    Greenbeans, either casserole or saute'd with onions, garlic and smoked bacon
    Some different cheeses, sliced apples, selection of crackers
    Brussels sprouts roasted in pork belly drippings
    That's it I believe. Were cutting back on/out the spinach dip and a couple other small items. Were just getting a bit old to keep up what we've done for years.
  2. go for it, try to smoke one. if you cant get the bird done just slide it into the oven at 350 and finish it off. unless you plain burn it to a crisp you cant fail. it will be great. let us know how ya do. use the picked carcass in a pot of navy beans. good luck

  3. buckeyebowman

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    Damn, ebi! That sounds awesome! Especially the pies with crusts made from scratch using lard. I remember an Emeril show from years ago. He said if you want the best, flaky, pastry to make your dough with lard! And lard is all I will use for frying these days. "Pork fat rules, babe!"

    BTW, I am available for adoption!
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  4. Thanks!
    Yeah the crusts are very edible. When my wife makes Quiche pies, she uses bacon grease along with lard for the crust.;)
    I smoke ham steaks and smoke spinach that she chops up to put into the Quiche.
  5. Finished product! Can't wait to dig in. (Kids aren't here quite yet so it's in a cooler wrapped in towels)
  6. bruce


    Thank you Ebijack. Our bird turned out perfitco. Taste, golden brown and the gravy. All i can say is delicious. We did a 19 lb bird in the oven and a 12 lb bird in the smoker. Thank YOU once more Ebijack . Bruce 31lb of bird for two people. Nuts right?
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  7. I smoked a breast today too. I split it in half last night and rubbed it with a little olive oil, S & P, garlic powder, and McCormicks kick in chicken. I smoked it in my electric smoker with Apple wood chips for about 5.5 hours at 275. Then I covered it with foil and finished it in the oven for 25 mins at 350. It turned out really delicious. Thanks for the tips ebijack and everyone else. 20171122_202331.jpg 20171123_133210.jpg 20171123_155433.jpg

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  8. Since this is posts about smoked turkey.
    I smoked 2 Amish 20+ lb turkeys in my vertical cabinet. 315* One stuffed, one unstuffed. I will say this is the first time I have gotten Amish turkeys from a local butcher. I have been buying all the meat I smoke there as the quality is way better than Sam's club. A bit more money, but the flavor difference is worth it IMHO.
    The Amish turkey's cook about 1 hr faster than a "butterball" type that is full of enhancement (water/salt). As you don't have to cook out all that water. So 3.5 hrs for the unstuffed. 4 hrs for the stuffed. I put the stuffed bird on 1 hr before the unstuffed went on.
    Ready for slicing and serving

    Now to another part of my story.
    There is alot of hype about the new Weber charcoal. Reports of it burning longer than any other charcoal, less ash.
    $20/20lb bag. I'd never buy it. But Lowes has it on sale for $11.99/bag. They are selling out fast around here. I got the last 4 bags. (good thing, turns out I don't like it...sssh)
    Anyway, I decided to do a test between Stubbs VS Weber briquettes.
    I loaded the front half of my vertical cabinet coal basket with Stubbs. The back half I filled with Weber's. The Stubbs briquettes are a tad smaller than Weber. So the Stubbs side did get a few more coals than the Weber, but not that many. Both sides had equal wood chunks.
    I poured hot coals across the center of the basket. Manual control, no electronic controllers.
    At 3.5 hrs into the cook the Weber coals were almost gone. The Stubbs still had a good part of a layer of unburned coals under the hot coals in the photo. I had to add more coals to finish the cook.
    Stubbs burns longer than Weber. Heck I'm guessing RO (royal oak) Embers (HD brand RO) for $4.96 #15.4 lb bag will burn as long as the Weber. As I use those as starter briquettes. Cheap and light/ash over real fast. Compared to Stubbs. Oh, Stubbs is $9.99 for #14 bag.
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  9. Ebi, birds look good! Mine came out good. I will definitely do it again next year. Leftover sandwich last night was delicious! Thanks for charcoal report. I have always just used kingsfors. I stock up on the 2 bag packs when they're on sale summer holidays.
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  10. Thanks, you might want to try HD's RO (royal oak) brand briquettes called "embers" HD typically has #15.4 bag from $4.95 to $5.96. Sometimes on sale for under $4.
    They light very quickly. Typically using a chimney, 15 minutes after lighting they are ready to go. They do leave alot of ash, like Kingsford. And burn about the same amount of time.
    Just a thought.