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Smoked steelhead and salmon

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by Chippewa, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. I made up a batch of dry cured salmon and steelhead for Shortdrift today. It came out good. Gonna let it mellow out in the fridge for a couple days and give it to him.
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1483840179.457989.jpg
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  2. ress


    That's a lot good eats!!!!! I wouldn't know when to stop......
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  3. Dang! Give me a bagel and some cream cheese with a slab of that please!!!
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  4. how's that can of bottled water go with the fish? LOL. Just kiddin'!! looks great!
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  5. Mike you know that coors light is a requirement of any smoking recipe
  6. yup, true dat. If you're gonna be tending your smoker all day, you probably wanna stick to light beer.....i'm more of a Molson guy myself though :)
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  7. tkbiker

    tkbiker Pole in hand

    Again looks great!! Glad to see the Coke Zero replaced with a BEER!! :)
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  8. Thanks Scotty. Tastes great.
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  9. congrats to shortdrift!! you couldn't find a more deserving guy.
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  10. Beautiful!!! Make'n me Hungry and I just ate lunch!!
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  11. Chippewa, you inspired me to do up a batch myself. I picked up some discounted, wild caught salmon at local IGA. Dry brined in 6 to 1 mixture of light brown sugar/salt for 7 hours. Rinsed and left on rack in fridge overnight. On counter this morning for an hour then into smoker.
    It does not take long. A few hours and I pulled at an internal of 140. This stuff's as addicting as crack!
    smokesalmon02.jpg smoksalmon01.jpg
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  12. Awesome Mike!!! Looks good. I will have to try your salt to sugar ratio as mine was a tad salty for me.
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