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Smoked Bass

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by LFN, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. LFN


    I have to get rid of some bass in my pond and was thinking of smoking them.
    Would appreciate some help with a brine recipe? Would you fillet the Bass, I suppose that you wouldn't skin them. I know someone has been there and done that-would be nice to hear from them.
  2. Fillet or cut into steaks. Leave the skin on. Mix 50/50 white wine and soy sauce and add some brown sugar. Put in Zip lock bag with fish and marinate in refridge overnight. Take out of bag and let air dry for about 1 hour. Smoke skin side down and get the beer cold. I have done Salmon, Pike, and Walleye this way. All were excellent.

  3. LFN


    Tried your recipe and we thought the brine solution was excellent. However,using a Little Chief smoker and reading the side of chips bag for cooking time-something went wrong. The thick parts were not cooked and the thinner tail section was almost burned to a crisp.
    I'am going to try again this weekend. Are you supposed to put any water in the pan?
    Thanks, Lou
  4. Yes, put water in the pan. See if you can lower the heat and go a little longer. I think I used to let them go 4 hrs. Also if you steak them instead of fillet them you may get a more consistant thickness.
  5. ..also...
    I liek to have ny fish cut into the same size portions so I can remove them at diff times during the smoking process. I like to finish mine in the oven because really after all the smoke is gone there is no reason to keep them in the smoker...
    My brine solution is
    1 gal water
    3/4 cups kosher salt
    1/2 sugar either white or brown
    1/3 cup soy or terriaki sauce
    mix together and use the above directions