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Smiley's Request

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Hey gang, one of our members ask that I post this here. Some issues with halibut fishing in Alaska. Here's what he PM'd me. Let the letters and emails begin!!!
    I recently was able to take a trip Alaska and on that trip was fortunate enough
    to go fishing for Halibut with a member of the Alaska Charter Association. The
    captain was great and gave us an adventure and not just a fishing trip. Six
    people from 4 different states were treated to whale watching (both Orca and
    Humpback), black bear sightings, and of course Halibut fishing. What a
    great experience and adventure. I would like to share this experience some
    day with my sons and someday my grandchildren, but there is one main problem
    with this hope and dream. The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council has
    drafted a Halibut Charter IFQ Program that if signed by the Secretary of
    Commerce will limit the American public’s chances and ability to fish for the
    This program has nothing to do with keeping a healthy Halibut biomass. It is
    instead a grab and control of the Halibut resource by the Commercial Halibut
    longliners. This resource belongs to you and I and every other American who
    would like to have the experience I had this summer. This will ruin the
    opportunity of many sport fishing Americans seeking to go Alaska to fish for
    Halibut. By limiting the number and size of the charters and selling the
    Halibut resource (which will end up at the highest bidder’s price), the average American is
    cheated out of an opportunity to enjoy one of his own resources. If this is passed it will a model and probably be the beginning for more of this thievery of other species in the lower 48. We need people to write our senators and congressman and a few others. I was hoping to use this forum somehow. Any suggestions or directions?
    Thank You Smiley


    Go get 'em!!!