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Smartcast On Ice

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by husky hooker, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know why you can t use a smart cast on ice in a shanty???
  2. Its Too Hard To Much Do I Win For That Answer?

  3. peon

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    i have a cheap fishfinder that i got for chirstmas from radio shack.. its a portable one like the smart cast and it is supposed to work for ice fishing .. JUNK dont know why but it never worked....
  4. found out today that the crystals freeze up under 32 degrees and the battery life is shortened in cold weather.and argee i can make those casts in those far away holes!!!! :)
  5. Peon, you say you got it from Radio Shack? Does it have a yellow float to it? If its the same one, the thing I found is the tranducer cord gets bent and when you lower the transducer it does not hang straight down, it curves up. Make sure that the transducer hangs straight down, after i found this out mine works fine. I mostly use it to check depths but it does work on fish also.
  6. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Just buy a Vexilar and sell the smartcast.
  7. That Vexilar is AWESOME!!!!

    Can't wait to get it out and get 'r done!!!
  8. peon

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    yea thats the one i got thought it would be great for depth .. how do you make sure it hangs down??
  9. snake69

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    I have both the vexilar fl-18 and a smaller hand held, (common flashlight size)portable that reads thru the ice as long as there is a little water on the ice. (I carry a small butane pocket torch for that! )It's a "hand held digital sonar" made by Polar Vision, and I think I paid $99.00 for it last year. Handy when you don't want to carry too much or maybe you don't plan on staying out too long, etc...
    "Fish Control My Brain" :B Snake
  10. I don't know but I would say buy a flasher of some kind. they rule the hard water. I use them on the open ice out in cold windy weather and never had a problem