Smallmouth Lures - Help Me Build a Base

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  1. so I have enjoyed fishing streams around my town for smallies but want to settle in on a nice set of lures to use. I have had good success with plastic craws and the Gulp Leech and Gulp Minnows. I have also caught a few with the Wee Craw. I want to spice things up a bit so I was wondering what i need to build a solid foundation for SM out of smaller creeks and streams?

    I use a ABu Garcia light action reel & rod combo as well as the Flueger Triton light action reel & rod combo - both from BPS. 6lb test.

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    i am real partial to size 5,7 and 9 floating rapalas in chrome, silver and chartreuse. also like the size 5 shadraps in silver, chartreuse and shad.

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    If you want to change things up, throw a couple of topwater baits in there. I like a small buzzbait 1/8 oz works good on light action rod. also throw a small popr. talk about fun when smallie comes out of the water after you bait. I also have caught alot on small tubes...
  4. I have great success during the summer throwing smaller ultralight size Bomber cranks that I get at Walmart. Brownish and orangish shades work the best for me in my waters. They are a great way to cover alot of water.
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    Get you some inline spinners(I like 1/6 oz Mepps Algia) and get some spinnerbaits. I like Booyah or Stanley Wedge. War Eagle makes a good one to. White/Charteruesse work great!

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    Hair jigs should be in your arsenal and are missing from a lot of tackle boxes when it comes to Smallies. One of the premier Smallie weapons employed down in the famous impoundments to our south. Overall, a jig is one of the best baits to have for any species, but again, gets left out very often.
  7. I'm kinda suprised that everyone is suggesting small baits, just because it's a small stream doesn't mean it has no big fish. We use 1/2 oz. buzzbaits, zara spooks, 1/2 oz. skitterpops, big shot tubes and alot of other large baits in our local small streams. We catch fish a small as 6" on big lures, so they're not to big and the fish don't see them much. If you can land them on land and pull them into the water with a low impact or make 100 mile casts, your in business. Just my opinion but I would never throw a wee craw after having great success with the large Rebel craws. Good luck and try throwing a bigger bait sometime.;)
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    I’m a big fan of tubes and short of live bait it’s my “go to” bait on the river. I’ve learned some techniques that always trigger hits and have caught a lot of big and small smallmouth with tubes. I’m sure the confidence factor plays a big part of my choice. That being said I find what Atwood posted about big baits very interesting. Something that I‘m sure we’ve all observed is when a little fish is hooked and reeled in, it’s thrashing tends to draw other fish (mostly :B ) to follow it and attack it. I’ve always thought a larger bait that would simulate a struggling bass may be the ticket . Looks like I’ll be trying some buzzbaits, gurglers and chatter baits real soon.
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    I'm big on crankbaits. My all time favorite crank is an AC shiner if you can find them. I just bought a smaller Rapala X-rap. At first I was skeptical of the x-rap. I soon found out that it has a nice suspending action. And when it hooks into a smallie it hooks em good. I caught 5 nice ones in the exact same spot below the mouth. If my cranks ain't workin I switch to a jib - grub combo 3". Black, chartreuse, and white are great standard colors. Most of my catches this summer have been when I am reeling them SLOW and finessing them around structure. Sometime I was catching smallies right at my feet. And I'm not the quietest when wading on the river.

    Other lures I use are inline spinners. These are usually my last resort because they usually bring in smaller fish.
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    I gotta ask.....what River is this? Easily one of the "sexiest" spots I have ever seen :eek:

    And yea, MAX super-tubes (from Ohioprolure I believe) in either light-green pumpkin (muddy water) or dark green/black flake (clear water) rigged on a 1/16th jig head and worked SUPER slow...Absolutely deadly. (Spring/Summer)

    Shad-Raps/Heddon shallow shad-rap immitator (Fall)

    That Giz-4 that alot of guys on this site use looks rather appealing too, although I have yet to try it.
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    for rivers a 3" berkly power grub (brown) with an 1/8 oz jighead is my go to bait hands down. but tubes and topwaters have there place too. I can't even tell you how many 17"plus smallies I have taken on the grubs. they are awesome!
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    At $12 a pop be my guest. I want one of those too. Just can't justify the price tag.

    I'm now a believer in the Bandit 100 series. Mad Cow and Crawfish have produced for me.