Smallmouth Fishing

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  1. What is the best bait for creek fishing smallmouth this type of year? My go to is usually white grubs but they are not working as well as they do in the summer. Any suggestions?
  2. Craw imitations worked S-L-O-W. Like hair jigs, small plastics like helgramite or grubs.
    Rooster tails work also.

  3. tcba1987

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    SLOW moving baits are usually the ticket but dont be afraid to throw a crankbait that runs deep and crank it along slowly and bang it off of rock and wood , ive had some great days doing that in pretty cold water (40 degrees)
  4. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    its hard to beet a hair jig and a pork trailer this time of year.
    Deer hair is hollow and is great for a slow presentation and bear
    hair, if you can get it, is best for a little more action.
  5. Should I cast out in moving water or the really deep flats?
  6. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Try the deep flats first but don't hesitate to try all over. Deeper water is
    usually best but if you find a stump or log in shallower water next to but
    not in the current, look for one there. They love wood like a largemouth.
    Shallower but not shallow is the key. If 10 ft is the deepest then 6 ft is
    shallower but not shallow. It sometimes seems that 1/2 a foot can make
    a difference especially when the sun is out and there is some run off staining
    the river. That darker water will hold heat better than clear and just a few
    degrees can make alot of difference. Good luck.
  7. Mr. Smallie

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    If a hair jig/pork doesn't pay-off, you may want to try deadsticking a 3" senko or a Carolina rig with the senko worked slowly. Just be sure you are working the wintering holes. If this doesn't work, I completely agree with tcba1987 - try a crankbait.