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  1. What is the best bait for creek fishing smallmouth this type of year? My go to is usually white grubs but they are not working as well as they do in the summer. Any suggestions?
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    slow down to a crawl with the grub in the winter. Toss near visable rocks/boulders, as they retain heat from the sun, and attract fish. I never get many aggressive strikes in cold water, only re-action strikes. So i tend to bump rocks all day waiting for a smallmouth to react. still the action is nothing like in the summer.

  3. In cold water they will not be in the current, so target accordingly. I like Strike King Rocket Shads, Blade Baits and smaller ChatterBaits worked with a yo-yo candence. As stated, looking for reaction bites. If those don't produce working extremely slow as mentioned would be my next approach.
  4. I'd try live minnows fished under a :G in the deeper holes or river bends. You might get some other fish bonus to take the bait too. Good luck let us know how you do.
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    good point. Minnows under a bobber always seems to work when nothing else will. I would say wide range baits to attract multiple species is your only hope in winter.
  6. A big chub under a bobber is #1, smallies actually like a big minnow in Feb./March instead of having to chase down multiple minnows. As far as lures go I would say tubes or hair jigs deadsticked and sometimes suspending minnows are the ticket pausing them as long as possible. Where you fish is more important than anything. They're not on the rocks like they are during the summer. Fish the sand or gravel bars where the sun hits the most ajacent or near a deep hole. The catchable smallies are usually in less than 5 ft. of water, sometimes 2ft.. The key is slow, shallow, sunny and sand/gravel near a deep hole. If there is debris in the water in one of these spots that I spoke of, try there first. Good Luck
  7. I will echo the minnow idea I do very well with nice lively bass minnows, late last year I had fair luck with a black/silver shad rap fished fairly slow around riffles, I have also heard that there is plenty of half dying shad in the rivers lately.
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    My best luck has been with pretty good size south bend spinners. Black and orange and chrome in the sun. Slow retrieval is the key, unfortunately I snag often with this method. Stay around deep holes. I have caught some huge smallies this way.
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    Still a little early, but I usually like to throw minnow colored (silver and black, charcoal, smoke w/or w/o glitter, or white) 3" twister tails. This has never failed me early in the year. I like to fish these on light as possible jig heads 1/16, let it get to the bottom, barely lift it off the bottom, just enough to let the current carry it a few feet, but on a tight line, and worked very slowly. You have to watch your line and anything that feels heavy or stops that jig is almost always a fish. I catch my biggest smallies this way and at this time of the year. Hope you have some success should you try this.
  10. I think the other suggestions are right on target, but a little further into the spring/early summer my favorite choice for creeks and rivers would be something like a multi colored wee rebel crawls. Once in awhile I've even had success with a buzz bait.
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    My favorite is pink lead head with a YUM crawfish on it or a strike king bitsy bug tipped with a YUM chunk. Fish slow slow slow