Smallmouth bass from Maumee

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  1. Went to Maumee for Walleye this Saturday, got skunked and SNAGGed for the first 3 hours. Then switched to crankbait for fun (and need to remove the treble hooks--it was a pain). Caught this guy within three casts.
    But that was the only catch for the whole day..... :mad: I could have been catching it in Olentangy river which I can walk over within 10 minutes instead of driving 2 hours..... I should still consider myself :S for not getting a bite from walleyes in the Maumee river.
    By the way, crappie is active in Alum creek now, I checked that on my way back (which cost me another lure)....

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    Thats kool
    to bad ya got skunked.... kinda lol
    wat area were you fishing?

  3. It was Fort Meigs area.