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  1. are there any good rivers or lakes around cleveland this time of yr that are still producing larger smallmouth? thinking about heading out this week but have no idea where to if needed
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    we generally start picking them up on the bars in august at pymatuning. we wade in the evenings throwing smaller raps, jigs and twisters, and sometimes spinners. have had some incredible evenings. south end. not sure if this is too far for you.

  3. I'm not sure if you have a boat but it would be hard to beat Lake Erie. If no boat do a search on here for the erie tribs as guys cath them wading.
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    I live in the Garfield Hts. area I have had good luck walking and wading the Cuyahoga River right in the valley about a mile or so either side of Rockside Rd. I 've caught them on a variety of lures and have caught them up to 20" but those are rare, average is closer to 12" but you can get into them and the river is crossable in several areas. Good luck!