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  1. Headed up North to a spot I used to fish 2 or 3 times a week, got kind of a late start didnt start fishing until about 9.30, the first hole I hung out around for better than a hr with only a couple small smallies and about a 3lb channel, was on my way to the car and thinking of hitting a local pond when I thought I would try another little stretch out on my way out, turned out to be one of my rare good ideas, fished it for probably a hr and a half and caught probably a dozen or better smallies, lost a nice fish that went a good 16" or better(lost another one earlier in the morning but Im thinking it might have been another channel) got them by floating bass minnies around, noticed lots of dead fish on the bank, mostly channels, a few carp and a couple smallies as well:( sad thing to see.
  2. In no way do I have a desire to know where your holes are, but if you would, I'd be curious as to what river and strecth you were regards to the dead fish.
    I'd like to know if it was from low summer O2 levels or if there was a legitimate fish kill.
    If you don't mind, if you would PM me the stretch I could look into the dead fish thing.

  3. Went back out tonight and the water was scary low, thought I would put my son on the same hole that I got on yesterday...but that hole hardly existed tonight, was able to find enough water to throw into down stream a little and managed maybe a 12-15 smallies most in the 9-11" range and a handful of rockbass, biggest smallie probably went 13", wow what a difference hardly a day makes.