Smallies on the Whitewater River

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by scott17b, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Been a while since I got out, but finally did on sunday. Caught 5 smallies in about 2 hours and a bunch of rock bass. Just have to keep an eye out for all the canoe drivers/drifters!
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    took 6 nice smallies off a stringer that had drifted. plan on going back this fall when not so many drunk canoers. looks like a good fishing spot. caught 1 saugeye in limited time i spent fishing saturday

  3. Hey Scott17b, me and a buddy were on the Whitewater Sat and Sun, did great. We were in canoe and kayak, floated 13 miles both days. Had a great time, going back again, what a great fishery. Were you floating also?
  4. In a canoe from the stateline bridge to suspension bridge rd! Congrats I know you had a good time!
  5. that's funny, I floated from state line bridge to suspension road yesterday before the weather came in. Did ok, not as good as last time but ok. I will post some pictures here in a bit. Little different float than upstream. Waiting for a bit cooler water then the smallies will really heat up.