Smallies on New Cumberland?...

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  1. How's the fishing on the New Cumberland Pool for smallies right now?
    Haven't been there for a few years but heard it was comin back a little bit last year.
    I don't need much info other than if it's worth the drive from Akron rite now.
  2. Caught a few last summer and seen a few weighed in for x-series tourney. You may get more info if you post this under Ohio River section.

  3. Procraftboats21

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    well this smallie was caught a few days ago on the new cumberland pool by my partners mom :D

    its a hawg 21'' over 4 1/2 pounds!!

    if you work at it you can scratch out a limit.. this fish just proves that the big fish of 2003 and before that are still out there

    the high waters in the spring of 2004-2005 really put a hurting on the fishing but its finally coming back