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    Hey everyone. I am a new member and would like to know if anyone can give me some good places in the Troy area that hold good smallies. I like to walk creeks in the summer and fall, but I am itching to get out very soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Welcome to the site. Anywhere between the dam and rt 41 bridge.

  3. I fish from the 41 Bridge all the way down to the tipp city area. Pm me if you wnat to fish the area i have ajon baot and will start fishing the area around the end of march to begining of april.
  4. It would serve you well to explore everywhere from Sidney down to Tipp City. There is good fishing throughout. Each little area has it's own unique traits and holds fish at different times of the year. Walk it, learn the area. I've walked or boated every inch of the river from a bit south of Troy all the way to where the Loramie Creek meets the GMR in Lockington and caught fish at some point or another in every stretch. The best advice we can give you is just letting you know the population overall is very good in this whole stretch, and if you fish it enough you will catch fish through a variety of presentations.

    There are many obvious spots to put in, you drive over them or drive by them. Just remember they are obvious for everyone else. So fishing pressure on those areas will be higher at times. The Piqua & Troy dams are obvious choices, very popular. Eldean Road and Peterson road off Cty Rd 25A are popular spots to put in between Piqua and Troy. Many other good spots if you wade upstream from these.
  5. Welcome to the site. As said before, explore, explore, explore - safely of course, but the water up there is mostly manageable. You'll find that the Miami Conservancy produces a good map to help find access points and river info:

    Hope that helps.
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    I have had my luck from Piqua to Vandalia with the best spots being in between Troy and Tipp City. Some baits to use Rebel Wee Craws. Tubes in dark colors caught me at least 10 17" smallies last year. Sometimes theres no match for soft craws or minnows. Other people have ways that they catch more fish on,( I havent caught anything on top water). But hope this helps
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    Ditto on all the comments. I like to float from Rte 41 down to Tipp City, there is a boat ramp in a park north edge of town. Also, from Troy, its not too far a drive to fish the Stillwater River or Greenville Creek.
  8. big ole bass minnows under a slip bobber is my go too. Get about 6 doz from gander mtn and have a field day.
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    Thanks for all of the good info everyone. Nothing like fishermen helping other fishermen. If anyone is ever in the area and wants to wet a line send me a PM. I have no boat, so i will be fishing the shore.
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    One more piece of advice on Troy (although Newbreed made reference to it). As weather warms, fishing pressure around the dam get ridiculous. Fish it now if you are so inclined then go find more secluded areas in the spring and summer. FYI - there are some areas that are newly accessible on 25A where they tore out the old shacks, put in some picnic tables and call it a park.