Smallies and snakes (again)

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Mr. Basskisser, Jul 8, 2007.

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    Started the weekend out nicely Sat. morning, smacking a 17 inch smallie on a buzzbait within the first 10 minutes. Caught 4 more that morning but it was the highlight of the weekend. Sunday only got 6 or 7 mostly small bass, but ran into 3 snakes in the snake tree. Here's 2 of them and the bass.


  2. streamstalker

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    Pardon my lack of manners in the PM....Nice to meet you! And, nice fish! There sure are plenty of snakes out there. My brother lost his balance while trying to set a hook and he put his hand on a snake when he caught himself...very funny!
  3. dude, i hate of the major reasons i purchased a boat, dont have to be near them on the bank or wading with them.nice fish though. whatare those da** things they are two diff. kinds of snakes?
  4. Very nice fish. It does seem like a summer for smallies and snakes.
  5. I was out at Salt Fork lastweek and seen a few snakes going in and out of the boat docks, almost everytime Im out this year regardless of where I see snakes:confused: nice fish by the way.
  6. 01mercLS

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    Nice fish. ehh i hate snakes.
  7. I have had the same issues with snakes everytime I have been out this year I have ran into a few snakes. Not often do I get the smallies but almost always the snakes
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    I snagged a tree Sat. night fishing big walnut in Gahanna in my yak, paddled over to it, while floating under it getting the lure out, a spider web went into my open mouth( I hate spiders), I shook the tree to get the lure and me out of there and must have dislodged my 3 foot buddy from his perch( I didn't notice because I was hitting reverse full throttle) while wiping my face off I feel SOMETHING WEIRD on my leg, SNAKE IN THE YAK!!!! I fall out the side, well, FLY out the yak, figures I'm in waist deep water, snake slithers out same side and BETWEEN MY LEGS!!!!! I won't lie, screamed like a little girl, I admit it. Went to shore after episode and smoked a cigar(checked for snakes first of course!). By the way the fishing stunk.
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    Nice topwater smallie. It does not get any more exciting than that.

    StuckatHome, I now have to wipe coffee off of my computer screen. that may be the funniest post I have ever seen.

  10. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. H2O Mellon

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    This has to be one of the best posts/stories ever. In my opinon it ranks up there w/ Flathunters Bigfoot episode!!!!

    This is OGF Hall Of Fame worthy!

    PS- Can someone tell me what kind of snaks those are? (espically the 1st one)
  12. The first one is a Northern Water Snake and it looks like the second one is too. They are mostly in brown I think but the older they get they darken. It is NOT veminous but it will REALLY FREAKIN' hurt if you get bit. Below is a link that I found.
  13. StuckAtHome

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    Sorry, that is not a Northern water snake, its just like the one in my yak- its a Copperheaded rattle moccasin, they kill anything but prefer sissy fishermen.

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    Wow i agree with Mellon thats a Hall of Famer
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    Field Biology comes in handy at school. That is not a copperhead ( i would know i got bit by one this spring) its a northern water snake
  16. LOL I got cornered by a northern water snake a few weeks back. I wish fishin the tangy and the damn thing hit my jig. Then decided to stick its head up for a look at me. I am knee deep in water and swim like a rock so I decide that I will keep my distance and work my way back to shore. Well i get side tracked pulled in a 9" crappie and forgot about the snake. SO when I go to leave about an hr later I turn and start walking and the snake was right behind me looking like it wanted a taste of me. Like I said a few lines ago I swim like a rock and my only way out was about 5 feet of water and I'm only 5'6. I made it out but very leary about going back to that spot for a while.

  17. thats what im sayin, they might as well all be king cobras as far as im concerned!!!!!!:eek:
  18. StuckAtHome

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    Thats right! Its a cobra head cotton mouthed rattle python that will bite AND squeeze you!

    PS-It a joke for those who missed my attempt at humor, jeez.
  19. i swear i thought about your post today, when i whizzed my mini buzz into a tree into the scioto today as i was up under teh branch yanking on it trying to get it to fall out,...i hurried onto the trollin motor and back up and yanked it out quickly and moved away from the bank and overhangin tree limbs...
    im not gettin shot in the eye by no spittin poison cobra spitter devil snake! lmao