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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Swick, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I've lived in columbus for two years now, and have been fishing the same areas all the time. I'm starting to get a little bored. I usually fish below griggs and o'shay, or alum creek and am just tired of these areas. I want to see something new,plus it seems like everyone and there brother fishes these areas. Does anyone have any suggestions on some other areas that are good, and maybe with a little less traffic. I am willing to drive up to an hour if its worth it.
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    The Hocking River, Licking River, Big Darby and Little Darby. Try these. They all produce.

  3. crittergitter

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    Aint no fish in any of them rivers. They all died. I know, it's sad. They are all fished out. To bad. Well, there is always Griggs right! ;)

  4. Try the Olentangy by Highbanks Park and in Worthington. The Hocking is a great suggestion, fish between Logan and Nelsonville. Also, if you are in that area, try Clear Creek (near Lancaster) for Trout and SM. Three Creeks Park on the eastside is another good bet.
  5. Jusy noticed you are in Mansfield - try the Kokosing and Clear Creek. They are closer to you.
  6. I'm not trying to be quipy at all, but you can throw a dart at a map of Ohio and fish nearly whatever stream it hits.
    95% of them will be wadable and 99% of them will hold fish.
    But I can't even come close to giving you any advice without knowing what you are fishing for. Bass, saugeye, pike, trout, catfish, carp, crappie, gar, shad, sturgeon, steelhead....

    Some of the stream suggestions will be good for certain fish, and some of them would absolutely suck for certain fish.
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    hmmm do some of our streams hold sturgeon?
  8. You betcha.
    Ohio River, Lake Erie, and their tributaries.
    Not to mention you can find them within 15 minutes of Columbus on a river. Unless the several thousand that the ODNR is stocking in the Scioto have all been caught....and hopefully released as they are endangered and it is mandatory to do so.
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    andyman, lookin for smallies and rweis, i just havnt changed my location. I live in cbus now. I was just cuious if i was missing out on other streams that are good in the area. I plan to wade somewhere saturday morning if anyone is interested and wants to meet up. just let me know a location and time.
  10. Are you bank fishing or wading? The areas you stated support both.
  11. Swick

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    I usually wade. But if im feeling lazy sometimes i will just bank fish.
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    try the scioto north of st rt 36 always catch good quality fish on the northern scioto pm me if you want some specifics