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smallie question

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TPaco214, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. how do the smaller smallies fight on ultra light tackle? im talkin 65 yds of 6 lb test, and a 4ft 6in super flexible ugly stik...i got one small one b4 but it was on my giant ugly stik when i was catfishing one day
  2. I would think you should have a pretty good time on that. I was just up in Canada and caught some little ones on a ultra light drop shot rod with 6lb test on a little shimano stella reel and it was alot of fun. They are one of the stronger fighting freshwater fish out there IMO so should be fun for you.

  3. That will easily work for you. I've caught some 13-15 inch smallies in the fast water on a 4 lb test ultra light with no problem. I've even landed some pike with it. It's all in the drag.
  4. My UL setup is a 5' 5" Shimano Clarius rod, Shimano Stradic 1000, 4lb Stren XL mono. An 8" smallie puts up a good fight on it. But the setup is capable of pulling in big fish.
  5. My ultralite setup is a 4'8" UL ugly stick w/ a Mitchell 300X Spinning reel. I really have a good time w/ the rock bass and the smallies in the creeks! It will work just fine for you!
  6. Just take it nice and easy and you'll have a blast. I caught a nice 3 pounder on my ultralight set up a few weeks back.
  7. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    My Mini Pinacle reel and some unknown telescoping rod I use with 4 lb line really brings in the blood rush when I catch gill or small bass. I definatly had a noticable differance just recently when that was the only outfit I had in my trunk one day.
    Im gonna do it more often, it was a blast..!!
  8. thx for the feedback guys...lookin forward to breakin it in this week...hopefully i hook into something big
  9. You will have a blast.That is all I use is ultra lite w/6lb.Catching the smallies in kent is great.