smallie fishing at cj

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  1. im new to the area and heard of some smallie fishing at CJ. was wandering if anyone new of a good place to start on the lake, thanx
  2. wader

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    Check out the rip rap along the dam. It seems like every time I fish it I catch a couple of small ones out there. The boat traffic is pretty rough during the day, but early morning and just after dark are good times. Its easily fished from shore, and deep water is close by, but be ready to lose alot of tackle if you fish the bottom.

  3. thanx wader, taking the new boat out monday , ill post the results
  4. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    If your taking out a boat try the 2nd cove up from the dam with a jig and minnow you'll have a chance at some crappie and smallies love them too. I also caught one off the point off the beach. The marina is heavily fished but that area also holds some good fish.
  5. thanx north/south. thats funny cause i was out monday afternoon trying the new boat out, and was fishing exactly where u said, caught 2 small crappie and a small cat on a white spinnerbait, also sat thru a 10 min. rain/ hailstorm, fish started feeding on top right after. thanx for the reply, im a huge smallie fan, see you at the lake