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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Mr. Basskisser, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Been trying some new sections of a local flow the past couple of weeks. Hit a section I had been wanting to try one evening last week. It started out with a 15 incher hitting my buzzbait and taking me into a log and getting off. He came from a tiny hole where the stream was only 20 feet wide. I worked upstream catching a couple of small bass, LM and SM. On the way back the sun was setting and I got several nice swirls but no hookups. Got back to the bridge and it was getting dark fast. I cast a few times under the bridge thinking it was a lot shallower than I thought. I said to myself, one more cast. He hit it as soon as it hit the water tearing out drag. I thought this was the mother of all bass. Thought it was maybe a big LM, or that 20 inch smallie I have been looking for. It tore out more drag then came at me and jumped. I knew it wasn't the 20 incher but it sure was a nice one. A little over 18 inches! And very fat. I was shaking like a rookie bowhunter with buck fever!

  2. Nice smallie!!!!

    I'm gonna have to start hitting some of these streams!

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    Nice fish! I caught my first river smallies yesterday on the LMR. (nothing nearly as big as yours) I've been missing out on a great fishing method. What a blast!
  4. JamesT

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    I dont think you'll be able to launch your Ranger!:p
  5. Great fish. Awesome pic, too.
    Buzzers at dusk, you gotta like that!!!
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    way to go mr. basskisser!
    shake rattle and roll!
  7. I wouldn't be able to launch my Legend!!!!

    I hear the Scioto and o'Tangy are good for smallies but never have had time to wade them out.