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    A man is traveling thru the deep south. It's a very hot day and being tired and thirsty, he decides to stop at the first roadhouse for rest and refreshment.
    Being fairly clean cut his appearence made the patrons,(kind of looked like the extras from the cast of Deliverance), stop and stare. The bartender asked him what he wanted. I'll take a soda.. The bartender replied You want a what? Where yall from boy?
    The prospective customer said" I'd like a bottle of pop and I'm from Ohio".
    The bartender replied OHIOOO-What the heck kind of work can you do in OHIOOO. The crowd is very quiet and reaching into their pockets.
    The man replied "I'm a taxidermist"
    The bartender says: "What the hell is that-do you drive teeth or sumpin?".
    Them man says. "No it means that I like to mount animals".
    The bartender thinks for a moment, scratches his head and says: "relax boys he's one of us!"

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  3. You gotta love that one!!!!