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Small profile spinnerbait?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Rooster, May 30, 2005.

  1. I’m looking for a QULAITY small profile 3/8oz spinnerbait. Any suggesting would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  2. Rooster,

    Even though your a Stiller fan, I suggest you try these lures made by strike king. You can miss them, they have a big smiley face Shaw Grigsby on the cover. They come in a few sizes, maybe 3/8, but you can wing them a mile as the weight is all compacted in a small profile. I've caught many a smallie on these, as well as LM and crappie. I know that someone came out with tungsten spinnerbaits that are more compact. I haven't used them, as they tend to be a bit expensive.


  3. Thanks Eric!

    Do you know if they have a twisted eye, or R bend? I’m looking for the twisted eye. *I did a qucik search, and the do have a twisted eye..I'm going to give them a try.

    Also...looking for them in Black & Gold....winning colors!
  4. The hook on these baits look like a treble hook without the third hook. I think I habe replaced them with a treble hook before, but only if I thorw them in open water. If you use them around cover, leave the hook alone.

  5. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    tim poe spinnerbaits and strictly bass spinnerbaits come in sizes that you need. Bass Pro carries some, but Dixie Marine has a huge selection of these spinnerbaits in all colors and more importantly, all sizes and blade combo's. might take a look at the Booyah pond magic spinnerbaits. I know they come in black and yellow as my GF has one even I encouraged to get real colors. She had no idea I was connecting the black and yellow to evil, she just liked the color.