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Small hand or battery operated pump for ice fishing.

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by esox, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. I can think of a few practical applications. For example, the minnow bucket water could be mostly poured out at the parking lot and the bucket refilled after arriving at the fishing spot, which of course would reduce the load one had to carry/drag. Also, fish that are caught could be put in a bucket of water instead of freezing on the ice. We all know that thawing and then refreezing fish adversely affects taste and texture.
    Also, fish could be bled and the bloody water could be pumped back down the hole without staining the ice, which would be a dead give away of one's spot.
    The pump would need to be small enough to put inside the bibs in the case of very cold weather so it wouldn't freeze between uses.
    Anybody know of a small pump that could perform these applications?
  2. steelmagoo

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    Here's what I use

  3. hardwaterfan

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    come to think of it my Dad uses a hand pump like you are talking about to put kerosene into his heater in the winter. i dont know where he got it but its all plastic and you could probably cut the two hoses to suit your needs. one hose is rigid plastic, the other is flexible plastic, and they meet at the top where you hand/squeeze pump it and there is an appendage which controls suction so you can control the flow. Ill bug him to find out more details if youre interested. you wouldnt need to worry about it freezing because you can easily empty it. hes had it forever, he may have forgotten where he got it. im sure the weight is next to nothing. (relatively speaking ;) )
  4. esox, how about the bulb type pump that primes gasoline to your outboard? A new one of course. Pump water up, siphon it down.
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    hardwater, those can be bought at any harware store and would work real well!
  6. Thanks gents. Hardwater, that sounds like a plan. I'll have to check it out.
  7. peon

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    iv been looking at some of these ice fishing tourneys and i see that most of them the fish have to be alive... how does that work??? i usually put back fish or throw em on the ice to eat em later... do you guys take portable live wells or what???
  8. If the tourney was held in Minnesota for example, where it might be 20 below zero, many use ice houses dragged on trailers behind a pick-up truck. A bucket of water can be hauled in the truck and kept from freezing in the ice house where propane lamps/heaters are used to keep things warm.
    Most of the big money/prize tourneys are held in Minn.