Small gills ever drive you crazy?

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  1. I'm not a "size or numbers" type of fly fisher but today I was at Veterans Park in Mentor. . Must of caught 25 gill in the 4"-5" range. I could see them swarm anything I threw. At one point I was checking my watch and thought I had a beetle pattern out of the water but it was hovering and I looked down and there were so many small fish trying to get at it. I kinda got bored really..I tried everything sinking line throwing bigger flies casting as far to the deep as I could feel a tap and have a tiny fish....It was nice to be out and it is a very nice pond. Small aggresive fish ever get you down? By the way if you have young kids this is the place there is non-stop (small) action and I learned with my 4yr old that helps make it fun for them. That and a handful of Skittles.
  2. Got to be honest, I generally reject no willing fish....but I know what you mean, it can get trying. If you switched it up and went big and they still were after it I would have gone with the flow, gone back to my car for a 2wt, and held on :p

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    I hear you loud and clear on this one man. Drives me crazy, but they can be useful too.
    Whenever I fish a pond, I will usually start out with something small, maybe in the 12 to 14 hook size and catch a ton of those buggers to see how they are reacting to different flies. My thought (however flawed it may be) is that I can observe these little gills to see what they may be keying in on a little more in hopes that it will help me figure out what to use when I start after the bigger fishies.
    I just found a new pond to fish on my lunch break and spent the first couple days catching little guys and finding out what colors and patterns eemed to work the best. Then the third day I tied on what those other fish told me (just call me the fish whisperer) and landed a 1 and 2-ish LB LMB.
    But it can get frustrating when those little things won't leave you alone.