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  1. since the only creek i have access to is frozen i have been spending hours at my vice tying up flies for next year and i was curious on opinions of small flies. personally i love tiny flies (20-30) but i was wondering if most people carried them or if you think there is even a need in most places. on the mad im just not sure if i need a size 24 PT, so i guess the question is do you use little flies and if so what patterns do you like?
  2. For trout fishing in PA, I've never used anything smaller than a #16. I don't enjoy tying micro patterns and really see no need for them. There are some streams though that you may find you'll need small midge patterns. I just refuse to fish flies that I have a hard time threading onto a tippet.


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    I got all kinds of flies down to 32's. Yes they do have their place on some areas where a lot of pressure and no hatches is happening. They are great for wintertime as a dropper when things are slow and when nothing else will work . But you need to know how to match the hatch as it can be frustrated doing so. I will try use a size at first where I always did well. With wintertime grip is taking ahold and pay attention to what may be coming off surfaces as it may not be many and try match the color more than the size. Then go down in size til I catch a fish or 2. This works for me as usually little tiny black stoneflys is most dominate here and so I have to sometime drop all the way to a size24 but I will do that off the back end of a standard size 16 fly.