small boat tourniments

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  1. i am lookin for a small boat/small lake bass tourniment to fish any one know who might hold one
  2. Check out the series of tournaments held at the Hamilton County Parks - (Winton Woods, Miami Whitewater, Sharon Woods).

  3. BITE-ME

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    I believe there is an electric motor only bass tournament series that has tourneys in my neck of the woods... Eastwood Lake, Indian Lake, Madison Lake and others. I don't know the specifics, but I'm sure someone on this site knows more about it and will be able to point you in the right direction.
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    your right george, it's a great circut, lots of good people and fun for guys who don't want to spend 200 a tourny.
  5. thanks you all i appretiate the imfo
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    what kinda boat, normally gather a few guys each year for a river run of fun
  7. in like july early august there are bass tourneys at hoover dam but that might be pretty far from where you are located.. its a 9.9 hp lake