Slow start but good finish

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  1. I launched the boat from the Public landing at 08:00. It took us 20 minutes to get down river to the Mill Creek area. We fish that spot for nearly an hour with just a couple of taps. Moved the boat around to check the river with the fish finder, NOTHING showed up. Turned the boat up river spotted some fish at the Rail road bridge in Ludlow. Fished that area once again just some taps, no hard bites. Checked out 3 more spots, with same results. We boated up to my hot spot at Hooters. We got into some action at long last. I hooked 3 channel cats on cut skipjacks. My smallest was 3.5 pounds, largest was 6.7 pounds. Joe boated a channel cat on cut SMOKIES, it was 1.8 pounds. All this fun happened in just 1 hour a little after noon. Had some bigger fish this trip, hope get even a few more on the next trip out.
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    I believe I saw you yesterday at the ramp. Were you with the V-hull with the Honda 4 stroke? With another guy with a Ranger bass boat? I asked you how it was going and you were not real talkative which I can't blame you for. I was wondering if it was you. This was around 2:00 or so during the Reds game. I was in the grey Focus near the ramp.

    Just wondering. I'll say Hi next time if it was you.