slow hoover saugeye sunday

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. misfit

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    got up at the crack of 4:00 this morning and hooked up with puterdude for another assault on hoover saugeyes.we launched quite an attack,but conquering those saugeyes was i little more challenging than usual.about 8 hours on the water,resulted in a couple sub 14 inchers and two 16-18 inch keepers that i invited to dinner.accepting my invitation was the least they could do after all the effort we put in to rescue them from the middle pool.
    all but one fish came on harnesses pulled at about 1.2 mph in 9 feet of water(that would be "my spot" to mushroomman,LOL).the second keeper came on a shad colored vibe trolled in 11 feet on top of a roadbed at 1.5 more good fish was lost by puterdude when he fell had a "misfit moment".
    but it serves him right,since he only let's me catch the short fish most of the time now:rolleyes:;)
    seems nobody else was doing even that good,after talking to a couple regular eye guys:(

    we'll get 'em next time:D
  2. shroomhunter

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    Sounds like a fairly good day for the "dog days" of summer. I sure do like to fish "your spot" Misfit, it's always good for a fish or 2;)

  3. misfit

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    i have designated that spot the "stump spot" now;)
    it will rarely let you down.the other spot is designated the "one o'clock bite spot":D
    once again,when dick pulled the second keeper,i did time check and it was a minute or so away fron 1:00:D
  4. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    Yes that spot has stumps, I've lost a few Vib"e's there over the years. Not sure about the one o;clock spot but if it's a roadbed it sounds like the infamous Piedmont roadbed...saugeye 4:30 PM like clockwork, if you're there at 5 you miss 'em!
  5. SwollenGoat

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    Sounds like you gave 'em hell Rick. At least you walked away with a few eaters. Littleking and I tried our luck at Alum Sat. night starting around 7pm. As soon as I hit the water I suddenly remembered why I hate that lake in the summertime. Still, things did calm down by dark and though we only managed 1 small eye it was a great evening to be out. I'm just hoping August isn't a complete scorcher....:rolleyes:
  6. Misfit quote:

    one more good fish was lost by puterdude when he fell had a "misfit moment".

    I didn't fall Rick ,I was hitting the deck,as I remember you had pulled the trolling motor up and turned it on,the prop was hitting the metal Hull,going Rat,tat,tat,tat,tat,,,,I thought the mafia was on the bank shooting at you!!!:p
  7. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    that was a typo,LOL.just another senior moment:confused: