Slow Going in the LMR

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  1. Is anyone having any luck in the LMR. I have been trying to get things going but the action is slow. Two weeks age amidst all of the rain I landed a 17 in. smallie and a few rock bass. Lately, with less rain I figured top water baits would be hot again, but I was way off. I even bought an Arbogast cicada jitterbug to match the hatch. The only luck I had today was 2 fish on a jigheaded powergrub. I was fishing near Spring Valley and usually do decent in that area. Just wondered if anyone else thought the LMR was slow going?:confused:
  2. I haven't fished the LMR this spring/summer yet. Too much rain.

  3. Slow going in xenia/beavercreek (LMR) as well. Went out Thurs. AM and tried Buzz bait, tubes, spinnerbaits. Landed about a 12in. smallie on buzzbait but only had 1 hit the rest of the AM. Slow going.......
  4. It has been pretty slow for me as well./.. But the clarity is poor where I was fishing... I think this clear water will turn things around.
  5. Not much luck on the LMR myself. Even tried different locations. only caught 1-12" smallie and 1 rock bass in the last week and a half. Fishing jigs, and buzzbait. caught both on a jig, had a few hits on the buzzbait, but didnt hook them.
  6. Tomorrow I'm going to give the LMR another shot. The flow is slowing down more and more so hopefully something good can happen. Water clarity isn't too bad . I do appreciate knowing that I'm not the only one struggling there. thanks
  7. I fished the LMR near Xenia last Tuesday with a friend of mine and we both got :S !!! This is the first time I have ever been :S on the LMR. The water was slightly murky and running a little faster than normal for this time of year. Also, water temp seems way down for early July. Maybe things will get better over the next couple weeks.
  8. the fishing in the river itself has been slow, in the tribs i have been doing well for carp but the darn smallies keep eating my carp flies:) . anywhere i have found clearer water i have found active fish, we just need this water to drop so the smallies put on the summer feed
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    I agree with water dropping it has to get better (it can only at this point) I am going to try to get away tonight and hit the lmr somewhere not sure where yet. Anybody going to be out. S
  10. I fished the LMR up by Xenia yesterday from 4:30 to 8:30, things were real slow with tubes and topwater baits, picked a few dinks up using a white rooster tail, all in all, I was expecting more from this stretch of river, usually very productive. Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough for things to get back to normal.
  11. Maybe your right. I dont know what the temp is, but if its not near normal for this time of year, then the fish are probably off as well. By the way, what temp are you coming up with?

  12. does anyone ever fish at John bryant in yellow springs. There are a lot of nice rock formations and I always see people flyfishing. I just never thought of taking a pole with me when I have gone hiking.
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    I just got back from wading LMR in Loveland. I was ultimately :S . I caught one lousy dink and I fished 4 hours. I was throwing cranks, jigs and rooster-tails. How can you not catch anything on a rooster-tail? I'm going to try again tomorrow morning further down the river. Hopefully I will have something better to report.
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    I hit the LMR in Loveland twice in the past week and I had pretty decent luck. The water was still higher than usual and a bit on the cold/cloudy side but I still managed to land a few. I hooked into a really good sized smallie on my first trip but he got off... I landed a 12" smallie and a 10" sauger that same trip all on the same bait (rebel craw). The next trip was a little rougher as it had rained the day before. On the rebel craw again I fished for an hour and a half and only managed a 14" catfish and another small sauger. I'll be out on the river again next week hoping for some more smallies :D
  15. No luck in Milford either. I was throwing jigs, no hits so I switched to a roostertail. nothing. I agree with you Ajax, I usually ALWAYS catch something on a roostertail. Where the heck are the fish this year???
  16. I wade fish the LMR in and around Morrow. I have been skunked on four occassions. Last year, I would catch upwards of 10 smallies in a couple hours and maybe a sauger. I have no idea where the LMR smallies have gone this year.
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    Glad to hear it is not just me! I have been out a couple times on the LMR, below the confluence with EFLMR and have yet to catch a smallie. I wasn't here last summer/early fall, but could this have to do with the low water conditions from last year?
  18. Probably does have something to do with the rain we've been having. After last years drought, fish probably dont know how to relate to fluctuating water levels, and they have probably moved from last years locations. They were easier to target during the low water last year.