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Slow fishing in the rivers

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by matthew1074, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. So has anyone had much luck fishing any of the local rivers since those thunderstorms rolled in a week ago? Also, I find it kind of odd that none of the rivers seem to be clearing up much, especially seeing that the currents are so slow right now. I have caught a few fish this past week but the hits have been few and far between. I did see what looked like a very large pike in the chagrin yesterday, which really shocked me because I have never seen a fish that size with that kind of power in that river before.
  2. i've been doin alright at the grand and chagrin for cats

  3. I was just out on the cuyahoga at oxbow in cascade valley and caught 2 smallies and some chubs... the first smallmouth was about 13"
  4. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    In this weather, you'll have better luck in the early morning/evening hours
    for sure.
  5. liquidsoap

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    I went out at about 10 to rocky, I had my best day numbers wise on smallies this year. I was throwing a black Mister Twister.
    I also caught a couple gills, rockbass, carp, and chubs.
    The carp were a suprise, they were actually pretty small.
  6. Sunday I was out early (around 7am) on the Hoga near the gorge and caught maybe 6-10 smallies. Most small and one around 12-13". Got a sunfish and some small carp looking things :D
  7. Did well on smallies at Rocky on Sunday with a fly rod, landed my biggest ever.. The thing I like about it being this low is that when you walk the river you can see structures that you can't see when it's higher. I make a note of it and go back when the levels come up..gotta find the deep pools during the droughts and they are there but the fish are around. Happened for me really early in the morning then pick up around 10 is a terrible picture of one of the smallies I mean terrible picture....

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  8. im heading out again this evening to hit some places in the chuckery... still need to try out the gorge area on of these days
  9. Liquid where on the river do you fish? I was there yesterday and nothing... I was fishing just past the rockcliff springs ford, some really nice holes around the bend. On Saturday I cough a steelhead there but no bass I'm gonna head back down there early evening tonight. This is the year I focus on that river I grew up a stones throw from it but till this year I never fished it more than like five times a year. I had good luck like two weeks ago but it has slowed down a lot.
  10. shadowolf, that's exactly wht I have noticed. 2 weeks ago I was doing great and then all of a sudden nothing. I've been fishing exclusively in the evening so I'll have to try the morning and see if my luck changes. My best fish the last week has been a 14" bullhead :( Before the rain a week and a half ago I caught a 1.5 lb, 3- 2 lb and 1- 4 lb smallie, as well as about 20 8-11 inchers... in 4 days of fishing....I guess I gotta take the good with the bad
  11. Ive been hitting the Hoga and it has been rough. I had to work real hard for a 12" smallie.

    I went through the Chuckery and Oxbow. I gotta go try the Rocky and Chagrin.