Slow Day on the Chagrin 11/15

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by mini foo, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. My brother and I sepnt 4 hrs on the chagrin today with no luck. Nobody around us was having any luck also. There were a ton of little shad all over the place!
  2. ryosapien

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    i'd imagine. the flow is at 400 and rising. i am surprised there were many people out even.

  3. Kastmaster93

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    if it doesnt rain anymore today tommorrow should be pretty good
  4. With the river fast on the rise, as it has been all day, fishing would be very challenging today. Flow has been spiking straight up on the USGS gauge Even if all the rain stopped right now, I would still guess that 11/16 on the Chagrin would be quite muddied up and your only chance would be with bait.

    Seeing all the bait fish in the river is a good sign though! There had been word of huge schools of bait fish holding close to shore and at river mouths waiting for a good rain like this to make their way up into the rivers. Plenty of fresh steelies will be sure to follow. I actually hope that it rains hard and steady for another couple of days, then when the rivers settle down and become fishable again we will have much greater fishing opportunites.

  5. That would be a negative. It's rained pretty hard all day.
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    I saw plenty of shad also which I'm sure had the attention of the steelhead. But what also had the attention of the steelies were the two knucleheads helplessly floating downstream. Obviously a couple amatuers not understanding the contour of the river!
  7. Thats a good one! Now that we are dry, maybe it was the shad!