Slow Day at CJ

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Troy Dave, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Started up at the north end. Tried four places, picked up two eyes off the old RR bed in 9 ft of water. Then moved over to the marina/ roadbed area. Caught 3 towards the campground side in 10 ft of water and 4 along the edge of the gravel pit. No keepers, most around 14 inches. Caught two jigging spoons and the rest on a jig and worm. Left around 2:30 when there was a lull at the ramp. A lot of boats on the lake today, most I've seen all year.
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    took the boat out sunday for the first time, tried to take it out saturday but had a leak, got her all fixed up and she was dry as a bone all night! if anyone saw a decked out 16 foot flat bottom that was me :)

  3. Dave, It was a bust for me on Mon. I didnt even touch a fish! Sunday I had 1 shortie....but Sat I had 2 18s.. and thought as the weekend got longer, and the water got warmer....the fishing would get better..NOT
  4. We trolled for a couple hours Mon. One 16 in. fish, nice and fat, caught it on a purple hot-n-tot in 10 ft of water. Was a fluke, worked the area hard and that was the only taker.The usual crappie, catfish.
  5. Just got in....6 total tonight 1- 17" the others were short. The lake was really flat tonight so I lightend up to a 1/16. The fish seemed to be right on bottom in 11'.... slooowly lifting the jig. Water temp is back up to 83+;) The fish are there, you just have to feed the gills and the other baitfish to get to them. I started throwing all the gills in the livewell after I got ahold of one with 2 different pieces of cralwer hangin out of its mouth!
  6. Eyeguy, I think I'll try it tonight. Sounds like the cold front is going to show up sometime Thursday. Based on what you said last week, thought I would give the water one more day to heat up.
  7. Fished until a little after 8 and only picked up one small walleye and not a lot of gills or catfish.
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    Troy Dave,I'm planning on hitting CJ in the morning(weather permitting),will try and be on the water before day break.Will let you know How I do.
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    Got up to wind & rain thismorning, will be at CJ on Saturday morning. Wife said if I wanted to go shopping with her or go fishing that was up to me.That was a no briner.:):G
  10. If I get out this weekend, it probably will not be until Sunday
  11. I'll probably be out this weekend also. If nothing else....sounds like a nice weekend forecast:)
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    Made it out this morning just after dawn. Nice weather except for a brief, light shower. Not a sign of a Walleye anywhere in my boat or the others. Almost no pleasure boaters but the Wittenberg rowing team was fun to watch. I did catch Crappie, Perch, White Bass, Catfish and a lot of 'gills. All of them pretty small. I was fishing ultra-light for a while and caught a WB that was maybe 3 inches long along with the Bluegills that were biting remarkably light. Saw Troy Dave who wasn't catching any Walleyes either. Probably my last trip to C.J. until Spring. We'll see what's happening at Indian in a few weeks.

    See you out there.

  13. My partner caught 3 small eyes within 15 min while we were by the quarry and other than catfish, crappie and gills that was it. We left about noon. I may try again in October but I'll take the rest of the month to catch up on work around the house. Not as fun but for now definately more productive.
  14. Kinda sounds like I didn't miss a thing this weekend! Thought I needed to spend some time at home and be a little lazy, and it sure felt good sleeping in!