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  1. I need some help. my computer is slow and freezes alot. it is a compaq 3000 series laptop with windows xp. i have tried deleting cookies an d the basic stuff like defragmenting. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. How much free space on your hard-drive?
    Have you deleted / cleaned out your temp files?

  3. i would find out what model number ur motherboard is and the download the new drivers for it that should help
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    If you have extra hard drive space adding memory should help. If not run a virus detector,worm, then run something like adware and run it . Try window cleaner to get rid of adware and registry bad links and spyware. This should help also defrag if you havent done it a while.
  5. thanks everybody i will try all of your advise
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    having 2 anti virus programs installed will make it slow for sure.
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    when was the last time you reformatted your hard drive?

    if it has been a while, that can REALLY help speed things up. You should be doing it at least once a year anyway.
  8. While that is a good practice it is not the most convenient process for folks who are less familiar with the entire process. It can be quite time consuming especially when not all the advanced homework is done to ensure that you have all of the correct items. (driver disks, hardware model numbers, etc.) I only mention that as a suggestion to those with less experience in doing this. Following the steps suggested for scans and such would be my first suggestion. Seethe303 is right that a fresh install will make things run great but I would not want to see someone jump in to that one ill-prepared. It is not a real high tech endeavor but can be really educational for the individual. After running through it once or twice on a given computer the time required is greatly reduced by the learning curve.
  9. Another suggestion is to check in your add/remove programs and uninstall any programs that you don't use. You may find some programs that have been loaded without you realizing it. Some of these can really wreak havoc when browsing. In particular if you find the Yahoo Toolbar, Google Toolbar, or any others like that I would remove them. I have never found a good reason for having them and have several times found them to be a real problem with browsing performance.