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slip bobber stop ????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by exexec, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. I used to use the little plastic kind but it had some serious drawbacks. So I switched to the 'string type" and I'm using P-line fluoroclear line. Problem is that the string seems to slip very easily-I am assuming due to the florocarbon coating on the line. What type of stops/line combo do ya'll use and I'd like any advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. I prefer the plastic ones from BPS with the four holes. The ones with one hole at each end, where you have to twist the line around it, really twist up the line if you have to move them. As you mentioned, the string stops move too easily. The ones I like look like this.

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  3. Pike


    Would it be possible to use a braided line or mono as your main line and use the fluoro as a leader. You could use the uni to uni knot as a bober-stop. I do not think that the bober would do any harm to the knot.
  4. I do a lot of slip bobber fishing & it seems all the stops have their drawbacks. as far as holding in place the plastic 4 hole stops are the best. However if you try fishing deeper than the length of the rod & use light line they catch on the line causing your cast to go nowhere. The tie ons are good & prevent this, but once you move the stop a couple of times they come loose.


    I use rubber bands i just tie on the line real tight trim them up they go thru the eyes easy an when they looseing up i just tie another one on you don't have to worry about retieing nothing but the rubber band it easy an it quick and you are back to fishing in no time at all
  6. Try the knot in the link. If it dosen't work for you take another turn or two in step #1. Be careful if you go over 4 or more turns in step 1, sometimes the knot will not slip at all. For the past 20 years or so I have been using cotton embroidery thread. This is the knot I use on FireLine, it works about as good as any store bought bobber stop, and better than some. Stop
  7. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    The knot that Blue Pike mentioned is the one I use also.I use 6# Trilene XT for the main line and the same for the slip knot.
    You can reel it in as far as you want;does't twist the line;and it is always available right at the end of your line.......Works for me
  8. This may not sound like the best idea but it works. I ran out of the stops one time and used BB sinkers. They did not slip and they are cheaper than regular stops.
  9. I'd never use anything that would crimp my line :eek:
    The knot shown is super but I too use rubber bands ;)
  10. I have a couple of new ideas from ya'll. I am gonna give em a shot today and will report back. I tried the rubber bands thing and it semms to be good! But I wanna try it in the water.
  11. I like "new ideas" back soon report back often...
  12. When fishing for trout in Pa I use to take anywhere from 2 foot to 4 foot of line I used for leader and wrap it around a soda can then dunk it in a bucket with water for 10-15 minutes... After which I took it out and let it dry... What this did was allow the line to memorize into a loop which helped me hook-up with trout who spit out my offerings before I could set the hook... I may try this for steelies too... It also worked on bass when I fished carolina rigges worms...
  13. I use the same knot as Blue Pike and Fish Tale. Quick and reliable.